Fernanda discusses Jonathan’s infidelity and future plans

Fernanda Flores from the 90-day fiancé has already found love. However, she spoke about her failed marriage to Jonathan Rivera and his suspected infidelity.

90 days: the single life Star Fernanda Flores is newly in love and newly divorced, and the Mexican beauty spoke about both her past and current relationships. The single life star is currently in love with Noel Mikaelian after witnessing a dating on reality TV for the second time. However, she still opened up her previous marriage to Jonathan Rivera on the 90-day fiancé and her ex-husband’s suspected infidelity.

Fernanda was only 19 years old when she joined her American partner Jonathan, then 32, in the United States. After breaking up with Jonathan, Fernanda, now 23, joined The Single Life in search of love again. While things petered out with Fernanda’s Chicago friend Robby, she has now found love for professional boxer Noel.

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Fernanda joined @DomNatiShow on Instagram Live for an interview where she talked about both her failed marriage and her future plans. The Mexican beauty addressed her ex-husband’s likely infidelity. Fernanda said that her relationship with Jonathan was initially complicated by language barriers and the fact that Jonathan would decide everything they did and meet everyone. Before their final separation, she began to suspect him of infidelity, although she could not prove anything. “When the show came out, I think that was the biggest problem we had in our relationship,” Fernanda said as Jonathan started getting messages from fans.

Fernanda said that her marriage to Jonathan lacked the strength to deal with things like pictures, news, and temptation. “That wasn’t there on his part,” she said. Fernanda added that the woman Jonathan is currently dating was a fan of the show. She added that she saw Jonathan text other women and engage in shady behavior, such as sleeping with his phone under the pillow. Their relationship was finally over when Fernanda needed some space to focus on her health and she said, “Him [Jonathan] made herself look like a victim. “However, Fernanda admitted that she did not blame her ex-husband because she was also very immature.

When it comes to her future with Noel, Fernanda said she avoided the marriage question. “We are both very focused on our careers and there are many things we want to achieve before we move on to the next step in marriage and family,” she said. Fernanda also cited her recent and “traumatic” divorce from Jonathan as a deterrent. She said that while she has a future with Noel in mind, she “is enjoying the relationship as it is.” Future and are open-minded. “

After starring in both 90 Day Fiancé and The Single Life, some viewers might think Fernanda is done with reality TV. However, she made it clear that her run in the franchise is far from over. While she couldn’t confirm whether she would appear in Season 2 of The Single Life, Fernanda said viewers would definitely see her on TV again. Fans of Fernanda will have to stay tuned to see if she appears on 90 days: the single life Season 2 or other franchise content.

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