Feroze Khan has to pay 80,000 alimony to ex-wife and kids

KARACHI — Lollywood’s most heartbreaking divorce between Pakistani actor Feroze Khan and his wife Syeda Aliza Sultan is finally coming to an end with a peaceful rapprochement between the parties.

The Khaani actor was reportedly ordered by a family court in Karachi to pay a fair amount of child support for the ex-couple’s children.

Alimony, or child support, covers the expenses of the children, including monthly alimony, health, education, and general expenses.

The family court ordered famous star Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3 to pay PKR 50,000 for his son and PKR 30,000 for the daughter, totaling PKR 80,000 per month.

The couple married in 2018 and were later blessed with two beautiful children.

Khan and Sultan’s divorce came under the spotlight after the former couple announced their split out of the blue. Sultan later accused the Romeo Weds Heer actor of subjecting her to domestic violence and infidelity, and also brought up harrowing evidence of intimate partner violence.

The mother of two received support from A-list Lollywood actors and the general public. However, Khan denied the allegations, claiming they were “unfounded”.

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