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With the Jackass film franchise coming to an expectedly dramatic and ridiculously over-the-top conclusion in Jackass Forever, it’s interesting to see just how far the motley crew of stunt performers have come. While leader Johnny Knoxville has built a successful film career, the other members have hosted reality shows or cameo appearances as themselves in similarly hilarious films and series.

Crew members like the director Spike Jonze acted as a result in short supporting roles in their own works. The franchise’s alumni, like Bam Margera, even appeared in shows that served as spin-offs of the original Jackass series. All in all, viewers can see them in a variety of content other than the pranks they are best known for.


Johnny Knoxville – Walking Tall (2004)

The Rock gives Johnny Knoxville a shotgun in Walking Tall.

A remake of the action classic of the same name, Walking Tall was one of Dwayne Johnson’s earliest films in his post-wrestling career. He plays a former Special Forces sergeant who visits his hometown and finds it riddled with crime and corruption. When he takes over as sheriff, filling in for his best friend Ray, the duo sets out to uncover a conspiracy behind a new casino in town.

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Johnson’s charisma makes the film an entertaining action thriller, while Johnny Knoxville’s portrayal of Ray adds a light-hearted tone. Aside from being the boss of the Jackass gang, Knoxville grew into a dependable, funny man who rivaled legendary action stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Last Stand) and Jackie Chan (Skiptrace).

Bam Margera – Viva La Bam (2003-2006)

Viva La Bam poster

Jackass graduate and professional skateboarder Bam Margera created and starred in the Jackass spin-off show, which aired for five seasons. Not surprisingly, the show also starred other Jackass actors like Ryan Dunn and Brandon DiCamillo.

While the show, like its source material, contains some improvisational comedy, there is a lot of planning and organization involved. Still, Viva La Bam has a lot to smile about when Margera and his friends engage in pranks and misadventures that often involve skateboarding. Viva La Bam also had no shortage of celebrity guest stars, including Tony Hawk, Billy Idol and Sean Penn.

Steve-O-Lennon or McCartney (2014)

John Lennon and Paul McCartney in fighting pose

Steve-O has appeared in nearly all Jackass properties, including movies, TV specials, and spin-off shows. As for his non-Jackass filmography, Steve-O has appeared in several cameos and guest appearances. For this one-of-a-kind short documentary about The Beatles, Steve-O appeared alongside 550 celebrities, all of whom were asked the same question: “Who was the better Beatle?”.

The film is absurdly funny as the different interviewees seem to give different answers, with some even mentioning non-Beatles members like Jimi Hendrix or Keith Richards. As for Steve-O, he chose Sir Paul McCartney.

Ryan Dunn – Homewrecker (2005)

Ryan Dunn on the Homewrecker poster

The late Ryan Dunn was known for performing extreme stunts alongside his best friend Bam Margera. He has also found success as a TV host for shows such as Homewrecker. Intended as a subversion for home renovation shows like Trading Spaces and Extreme Makeover, Homewrecker is a reality show about destroying homes rather than renovating them!

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Despite not being a Jackass spin-off, Homewrecker evokes the same anarchic tone, with some shocking but hilarious results. And of course, Dunn’s infectious energy is an added bonus.

Chris Pontius – Game Over Man! (2018)

Chris Pontius stands with the cast of Game Over, Man

The Netflix action comedy Game Over, Man follows three housekeepers at an LA hotel who must save the day when the building is taken hostage. In the same vein as movies that are basically Die Hard, Game Over, Man stars the trio of Adam DeVine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson. The trio will impress fans of Jackass, having previously engaged in silly antics themselves on their sitcom Workaholics.

Jackass member Chris Pontius has a cameo alongside fellow actor Steve-O and other high profile celebrities like Mark Cuban, Shaggy, Fred Armisen and so on.

Dave England – Natural Born Pranksters (2016)

Dave England and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy pose together in a still from Natural Born Pranksters

Since the success of Jackass and the dawn of the YouTube era, several prank groups have sprung up. A case in point is the prank staging trio of YouTubers Roman Atwood, Dennis Roady, and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. When they set out to pull off some pranks that were too ambitious for social media videos, their efforts resulted in the film Natural Born Pranksters.

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From faking third-degree burns in a tanning salon to convincing art critics that a painting made out of feces is real art, they do it all. As has been the case with such prankish films, several reality show realities guest star as themselves, including Jackass stunt performer and snowboarder Dave England.

Jason Acuna – Elfman (2012)

The cast of the TV movie stands on a remote control

Skateboarder Jason Acuña, also known as Wee-Man on Jackass,’s first family-friendly feature film was the holiday comedy Elf-Man. He plays the title character and appears as one of Santa’s abandoned elves. He befriends a bunch of kids, realizes his true potential as a superhero, and even fights a gang of thieves that’s still an invention of the kids’ father.

Having appeared in a variety of Jackass films, it’s refreshing to see him in a different and unique role like Elf-Man. Acuña also served as executive producer on the film.

Honor McGhehey – Portlandia (2011-2018)

Danger honors on a motorcycle in Portlandia.

Ehren McGhehey was an important part of the team that appeared in the original series and all of the films. As for his other performances, the stuntman has appeared in nonspeaking but pivotal roles on the sketch comedy series Portlandia.

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Created by and starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, Portlandia follows the everyday misadventures of the titular city’s amusingly bizarre hipsters. Dubbed “Motorcycle Guy” and “Man on Line,” his over-the-top performances go hand in hand with his Jackass persona.

Preston Lacy-TV: The Movie (2007)

The cast of the TV movie stands on a remote control

Produced by National Lampoon, TV: The Movie is an ambitious comedy starring some of the Jackass franchise’s most beloved faces. Essentially a compilation of several sketches, the film plays out as a TV surfing adventure, giving viewers glimpses of parodies of popular reality TV shows like Fear Factor, Cops, Miami Vice and MTV Cribs.

Even Preston Lacy appears in the main cast along with his Jackass co-stars Chris Pontius, Jason Acuña and Steve-O, playing several characters with such bizarre credits as “Preston Lacy Doll” -seen-jackass-cast/, “Ogre”, “Party Guy” and even an impersonation of documentary filmmaker Michael Moore.

Spike Jonze – You (2013)

Alien Child looks at Theodore inside her

The co-creator of the Jackass franchise and noted director and screenwriter Spike Jonze usually appeared as a crew member in the Jackass films. Another example of his guest appearances in his own work is the sci-fi romance Her, in which he voiced a foul-mouthed holographic alien.

Otherwise, the film is about the loneliness of Joaquin Phoenix’s heartbroken protagonist, who unexpectedly falls in love with an artificial intelligence system. While Jonze won an Oscar for his screenplay, Her was highly acclaimed for his performances and philosophical themes.

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