Florida household legislation legal professional Russell Knight discusses mother and father’ transfer and custody of kids

Florida Family Law Attorney Russell Knight publishes a new article (https://divorceattorneynaplesfl.com/my-child-and-i-live-in-naples-florida-but-i-want-to-move-how -can-i-umzug-mit-meine-kind/) explains how moving can affect parental leave and custody. Attorney Knight mentions that Florida law requires an official document to be signed when a parent relocates. The existence of a court order or parental agreement makes it easier for a parent to move.

According to the Florida Family Law Attorney, “If the parents agree on the relocation and a court order or parental agreement is in place, “the parties must seek ratification of the agreement through a court order” Fla. stat Sec. 61.13.001(2)(b). After this ratification is registered, the parties have only 10 days to change their mind and ask the court to reverse the ratification.”

The attorney explains that if the parents cannot agree on the relocation, Florida statute requires that an application be filed and the application formally served on the non-relocating parent. The parent who is not relocating will then be given sufficient time to object to the application. If the non-moving parent does not object, the court may consider the move beneficial for the child.

The attorney also emphasizes that both the application and the appeal must follow Florida’s strict relocation process requirements. Even if the move is in the best interests of the child, the court can order a postponement of the move. Parents can also let the court rule on whether to enforce the move and the court will rule on the situation, taking into account the best interests of the child.

Some of the factors to consider, Attorney Knight explained, include whether the child has close relationships that they will be separated from as a result of the move, the child’s age and needs, and the child’s preferences. The court will also consider the reasons the parents request or refuse the move.

“The burden of proof for all of these factors lies with the parent requesting the move. Fla.Stat. Sec. 61.13.001(8) This final hearing must take place within 90 days of the filing of the application. The court can provisionalize the matter even earlier, 30 days, if a temporary relocation request is also filed,” notes the Florida custody attorney.

Finally, Attorney Knight recognizes that moving with a child can be a difficult process when considering custody issues. The attorney emphasizes the importance of consulting with a qualified family law attorney who can help navigate the complicated process of filing or objecting to a relocation under Florida law.

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