For divorce attorneys, alimony means excessive paydays of letters to the editor – South Florida Solar Sentinel

Obviously, the fact that Douglas Greenbaum, chairman of the Florida Bar’s family law department, wants archaic child maintenance and time-sharing laws to remain unchanged is because otherwise he will lose the “golden goose”. Along with many of the so-called family lawyers, he wants to keep the system that can suck money from couples who are getting divorced. The lawyers always try to convince couples to continue the struggle for wealth, child-sharing, and alimony in court by tipping them up and finally sticking out to the end, whether a judge will give the final verdict or the case will go to arbitration is usually one anyway retired judge or attorney. What should be asked of Greenbaum is the average hourly rate for a family attorney in Florida – a staggering $ 400 to $ 500 an hour. [ed. note: According to, the average hourly rate for a divorce attorney in Florida is $260 to $330 an hour. According to, it is $175 to $500 an hour.] Why would a lawyer want a fairer system and abandon the existing system that takes all the money out of divorce from a couple in need? In addition to making divorce easier, the new law will be cheaper, more equitable and, in some cases, prohibit permanent alimony for an ex-spouse just because two people have fallen in love.

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