Four intelligent methods personal detectives can show infidelity

Getting betrayed in a loving and meaningful relationship can be heartbreaking. Over the years, all the effort involved bites in the dust once you know what your partner has done. Infidelity is the worst that can happen to a person in a relationship. If they’re not into monogamy, infidelity isn’t such a grave situation.

However, when you have the typical monogamous relationship, infidelity can pretty much be the end of your bond with who you consider significant other. According to, there are 4% of married men in the US, 16% of men in relationships, and 37% of men who date are known to have sexual infidelity. In women, the rates are lower at 1%, 8% and 17%, respectively.

Back to infidelity, yes it can be very hurtful, but what’s even more heartbreaking is not knowing it in the beginning. If they find out immediately that their partner was involved in an affair, most people are more likely to end things with less collateral damage than those who have been lied to over a long period of time.

That being said, if your spouse or loved one is involved in an affair, if they look like they’ve been lazy for a long time, would you like to know? Don’t worry, private investigators are here to resolve this matter once and for all. But here’s the catch. A private investigation into your partner’s life only to find out that they have been utterly loyal can hurt your relationship a lot if they find out. Let’s get in!

Who are private detectives?

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The private investigation was born in 1833 when the first detective agency was founded by Eugene Vidok, a French soldier, privateer and criminal. Vidoc was the one who introduced record keeping, criminology and ballistics to the field of criminal investigation. He was also a pioneer in performing plaster tests for shoe prints. To this day, some aspects of this method of anthropometry, the study of the human body and its movement, are used by experienced private detectives and the French police.

Private investigators were set up to respond that they would do work and act as police when law enforcement agencies were ill-equipped or simply unwilling to do so. But they also did a mercenary job as well as private security services. But in this day and age, as refuted in movies and television shows, private detectives are no more powerful before the law than any other ordinary citizen.

They are not allowed to enter personal property or anyone’s home for clues, as is portrayed in most television programs and films. Most of the time, when private investigators interview people, they record their activities in public places as this is not illegal as long as they do not enter, threaten or attack anyone.

They have neither the right nor the authority to arrest anyone unless they have the privilege of carrying out the arrest of a citizen. This means that private detectives have no more power than a normal citizen when it comes to the law.

However, in some aspects of private investigations, it requires special access to databases and tools that are not permitted to the public. Well, after all that, how do private detectives catch unbelievers? Without further ado, let’s take a look.

4 clever ways private detectives catch infidels

There are numerous things a private investigator can do to help their client determine if their relationship is infidelity. As professionals, it is important to first help their customers determine if there are any signs of fraud.

In most cases, infidelity is easier to determine if it is there than if it is not there. So let’s examine how private detectives use their methods to catch an unfaithful person in a relationship.

1) Bank statements

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With their informative database, private investigators can check the database of the person being examined. To help you understand this better, we are giving you a scenario. Let’s say your partner told you that he had to leave town for a few days on a business trip. As a rule, the company covers all costs during the entire stay.

But here’s the thing. A sign of infidelity would be spending a lot on entertainment venues, even if they tell you the business or company paid for it all. In addition, the bank statement can contain various details such as hotel room transactions, movies for two, etc. PI maintains such records in order to collect and derive evidence.

2) social media

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Hacking into someone’s private media is a violation of the law. However, some private investigators make exceptions by hacking into their social media to see news or media that might indicate otherwise. You can also impersonate other people texting your partner to see how they’re reacting and see if they’re regularly involved in affairs.

3) surveillance

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Seeing is believing. This is easily one of the best ways to gather evidence and it is through video surveillance. This is very effective for traveling partners. So if you suspect your partner is cheating at home, you can hire the private investigator to do video surveillance.

The PI can place different cameras on different parts of the house and rooms as secretly as possible. Toys with eyes for cameras are a widely used surveillance technique. Everything that happens at home when you are away is recorded and your partner will be caught red-handed if he ends up cheating on you.

4) GPS tracking

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As you can see in movies and TV shows, GPS trackers can be attached to your partner’s car without their knowledge. That way, every time the PI knows where he’s going and can easily tell if he’s saying he’s somewhere else.

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