Freund recollects the lacking mom from Albuquerque three years later

Guitterez spoke to her best friend, 43-year-old Angie Romero, every day.

“She was only there for me. She was always there for me,” said Guitterez.

The last time she spoke to Romero was the last day she saw anyone alive.

“She was with her boyfriend and they just hung out. She didn’t feel that good, ”she said. “I should call you tomorrow morning.”

When Guitterez called her and there was no answer.

“It wasn’t like her. I immediately had a bad feeling.”

According to Guitterez and the missing person report, Romero was last seen on October 14, 2018. The last person she saw was her friend Daniel Sonnenberg. They were at his house on the northeast side of Albuquerque, which is now boarded up. Concerned for her friend, Guitterez went to the house to check on her.

“Her friend came out and said she wasn’t there. He said she left at four in the morning, ”she said.

According to the report, Sonnenberg told the police the same thing. However, when they checked the neighbors’ security cameras, Romero was not seen walking around the times Sonnenberg said she was. Now, three years later, Romero has still not been found and no one has been charged.

“It’s awful. She disappeared just a few days before my birthday and we had plans, she was my best friend. I don’t even like my birthday anymore. I don’t like the month of October at all.”

But Guitterez said she doesn’t want anyone to forget their best friend and believe that one day Romero will be found and there will be justice.

“I’ll never give up on Angie. I’ll never stop looking. She wouldn’t give up on me, I won’t give up on her.”

KOB 4 contacted the APD in this case and they said the investigation into Romero’s disappearance is still ongoing. But we have dealt more with her boyfriend’s past, Sonnenberg is said to be the last person to see Romero.

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