Gary Shirley is suspected of infidelity after falling on his spouse


“Teen Mom OG” star Gary Shirley posted an ode to wife Kristina Anderson after she started nursing school, but some fans predicted that something suspicious might be bubbling behind the scenes.

Teen Mom OG star Gary Shirley wrote an ode to his wife Kristina Anderson after she started nursing school, but some fans predicted something suspicious might be bubbling behind the scenes. Gary has been publicly raving about his wife since ex-girlfriend Amber Portwood accused him of flirting with her once their relationship went south.

In his last post, he praised Kristina for taking steps to educate herself. “I MISS MY WIFE !!!! (She’s improving herself) 😃” wrote Gary in a March 4th message. “She’s gone all day from 7:00 am to 3:45 pm. This picture shows her studying. When she at home she doesn’t have much time between kids and studying. @ kristina_shirley3 you’re my #mvp ps …. what i mean by kids is that she wants to spend time with the girls! i love you sweet pea! very proud on you. Have fun at school. “

The post received more than 16,000 likes, including a positive message from Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus. “She is so pretty, I love her,” wrote Bri about Kristina.

Gary, 34, had previously suggested that Amber, 30, move to his land so she could be closer to her 11-year-old daughter Leah. When Amber found out that Gary and Kristina, 39, were laughing at her and said Amber was like their teenage daughter, she unleashed a social media rant against the couple, who they labeled as liars, accusing Gary of being inappropriately with her to be. Since then, Gary has apologized publicly to Kristina and is determined to show his love for his wife on Instagram.

Fans accused Gary of doing something wrong

A post on Reddit about Kristina working at her school quickly turned into a discussion about Gary’s possible issues with his wife.

“He knew he screwed up after Bernstein put him on a big papa blast. And no doubt she’s really worried that she will get better and leave him, ”wrote CurvyCrumpet. “All of his contributions since the flirty amber reveal have been particularly cheesy when it comes to Kristina.”

“Gary’s contributions are sus,” added bodybymacdonalds. “That doesn’t seem real at all. I believe Bernstein’s allegations against him more than ever. He tries so hard to look like a loving husband. “

Some people claimed that Kristina might have gone back to school so she could leave Gary. “His captions are always so strange. They don’t feel real, ”wrote Dflemz. “That reads like an exit strategy from the show and also your exit from it.”

Amber claims Gary asked if she missed ‘Big Daddy’.

Amid their argument, Amber went on a social media rant accusing Gary of touching her inappropriately and asking her if she missed him. Amber denied working through Gary’s alleged advances, saying she was not a home wrecker.

“… I mean, there is even an incident where I was super, super sad. You’re the one who sat on the couch grabbing me, lying down and forcing me to lay on top of you and put your arm around my waist under my breasts and started rubbing my head, “Amber said last month, as transcribed from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “The producer knew about it – the old producer because that was before – he went in and then went out because he had left his coat.”

“Gary, if you and Kristina are so happy, why not tell her how many times you called me and talked about sexual encounters we used to have,” she continued. “How many times have you sat there and said, ‘Oh, you miss big daddy?'”

Following Bernstein’s allegations, Gary publicly apologized to Kristina. “My wife is amazing. I love her very much, ”he said. “[Kristina] I am very glad that it is you[e] in me and in our children’s lives, knowing that together we would endure an infinite amount of amber [behavior] for Leah’s sake. “

“But I would also like to apologize to [Kristina] for having to deal with all of this. She is a sweet caring being and my best friend, ”he continued. “I am also very grateful to everyone here who has also looked through part of the BS.”

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