Girl pleads responsible of being ordered to commit homicide, says desperation over the custody case drove her | crime



Harper told Conley that “no one listened when she tried to report the abuse”.

“It was my divine right as a mother to protect my children,” said Harper.

She found herself “desperate” and “in a dark place” and went to the Darknet, “and tried to hire someone to kill KV,” she said.

When asked about her plea by Conley, she replied a few moments later: “I plead guilty, Your Honor.”

According to the agreement, Conley will face a six-year prison sentence if he accepts the agreement. If he does not, Harper is free to withdraw her guilty admission.

Conley ordered a presentation report to provide background information that would help in reaching his judgment. The sentencing was scheduled for September 30th.

Columbus woman charged with murder to remain in custody

Portions of Harper’s divorce record, received by the Wisconsin State Journal prior to sealing, discuss Harper’s allegations of abuse and find that many have been investigated and unsubstantiated or referred to prosecutors who declined to bring charges.

At one point in March 2020, a report in the divorce record notes, a judge told the ex-couple that he would end Harper’s custody if she continued to make false allegations of child abuse against her ex-husband. He also warned both parents not to end the “ugly talk” about each other with the children. “Now it stops,” said then District Judge Richard Niess.

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