Goenka cracked arduous as a result of she stated ladies discover upkeep “extra interesting”

The divorce between Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Melinda has resonated with almost everyone around the world, especially the internet population, who are speculating about what could possibly have gone wrong between the two. And while public opinions and interpretations of the duo’s relationship have been casually tossed around since the newscast, there has been a certain group of internet users who have been called on for sexist jokes at the expense of ex-Ms. Gates. And one of them was industrialist Harsh Goenka, who was recently beaten up by Twitter for sharing a sexist joke about the Gates’ situation.

The industrialist faced the ire of internet users when he shared a tweet with a joke about the divorces of billionaires Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, after which he later deleted the controversial tweet.

The now deleted tweet said: “Bill Gates is divorced. Jeff Bezos divorced. Morals: Don’t make so much money that the wife finds divorce maintenance more attractive than the husband. Keep spending money on yourself. “

Twitter users were quick to express their displeasure with the industrialist’s tweet. Many hit him for such regressive thoughts and even though many deciphered the tweet it could be another random WhatsApp joke, nonetheless internet users felt that Goenka did a bad job by posting it.

It’s really tasteless. There’s no gyaan in it, and it’s not funny either. – simran ✨ (@simranxsays) May 17, 2021

I know it’s a joke, but an unfair one. It is believed that women whose spouses get rich will pay more attention to livelihoods. – Kartikeya Tanna (@KartikeyaTanna) May 17, 2021

You are so sexist. Women are not gold diggers. These men won’t get divorced * for money * – Vidya (@VidyaKrishnan) May 17, 2021

Imagine being a blue tick industrialist in India and making these sexist jokes. On twitter. In 2021. This would be considered a serious sm policy violation in my organization. Definitely worth a disguise – Purrkaj Caturvedi Blog 🙀 🏳️‍🌈 (@citizenbolario) May 17, 2021

After the news of the divorce came to light, various allegations and Gates’ personal life came to light. The Microsoft Corp Board had also investigated the billionaire’s previous romantic relationship with a Microsoft employee, which was deemed inappropriate, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

When a Twitter user came across the tweet, he gave Goenka advice that he had apparently taken well. “Take my advice …. delete this tweet,” said the user.

Bezos, the billionaire Amazon founder, and his 25-year-old wife MacKenzie Scott announced their split in 2019.

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