Gomax CMMS Mobile now consists of worker and vendor GPS monitoring

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GoMAX CMS Mobile


Maxpanda CMMS software

GoMAX CMMS Mobile now includes employee GPS tracking for iOS and Android versions

Improving green efficiency for you and your field workers. Printing work orders, sending emails or missing calls is so 1999.” – Maxwell DavidsonWINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA, January 10, 2023 /einpresswire.com / — gomax cmms mobile is critical to enable a more efficient as well as to provide stress and hassle free commute to work. Maintenance management software would be incomplete without a mobile option. Always know where your employees or suppliers are during working hours. Assign them to a work order, check location data with GoMAX CMMS Mobile GPS tracking solutions built into iOS and Android devices and the map view in maxpanda cmms.

Maxpanda’s free mobile maintenance app

Email and Push Notifications: Push notifications help you stay connected when you’re on the go.

New work order created – Generated when a work order is submitted and is based on a list of users to whom the notification should be sent.

Work orders assigned to the employee or supplier – A push is sent to the employee or supplier who has the work order assigned (and who has the app installed!)

Overdue WOs – Sent by the system controller to the employee and/or supplier assigned to the project once the order has passed its original due date.

QR Codes – Maxpanda CMMS generates QR codes for printed work orders, guest portals, assets, locations and parts.

Create new work orders, review existing ones and complete work orders in the GoMAX mobile app via QR code.

Barcodes – Barcodes are an additional way to help your business stay organized. The following barcode formats are supported for GoMAX

Total Communication – Smart devices have transformed the way we do business. With a smartphone, you can look forward to shorter lag times across the organization between creating work orders and getting the right information to suppliers and employees.

Up-to-date information on all aspects of your maintenance management through GoMAX CMMS Mobile-enabled devices.

Environmental friendliness – The entire company can enjoy a reduction in the consumption and cost of paper products.

Asking you to leave a current setup to give a new program a try is asking a lot. However, our CMMS will make all the difference for your business, especially with our commitment to a streamlined mobile maintenance app and desktop platform. With mobile usage trends increasing all the time, it wouldn’t make sense not to add a free mobile maintenance software option. Like every aspect of CMMS, Maxpanda’s mobile maintenance program is customer-centric.

Get notified on GoMAX Mobile?

Maxpanda iOS and Android apps are primarily designed for the PERSONNEL/SALES role. GoMAX allows them to COMPLETE a job/task/work anywhere, on the go and notify headquarters immediately of completion to COMPLETE the work orders. Minimum technical requirements: iPhone 6s iPads 3rd generation with iOS 11 or higher. Android 8 or higher.

Push notifications are sent to smartphones/tablets as follows:

Download GoMAX Mobile CMMS Assistant Role Guides for iOS and Android Microsoft Excel
New Work Order Created: Generated using the Send Work Order method (via Desktop/Mobile/Qrcode) and uses a real-time backend query to create a list of users to send the notification to.

WHERE assigned to an employee or supplier: Push is sent to employees and/or suppliers who are assigned to the work order (and have the app installed).

WHERE Overdue: Sent by the system controller to employees and/or suppliers assigned to work orders that are past their designated due date.

iOS users: Enable notifications for GoMAX Mobile Assistant on your devices – Apple Support.

Download GoMAX! Mobile app permissions table listed per system user role.

GoMAX will not work with phones set to DARK MODE. Please only use the standard or light modes.

Freely generated QR codes on your existing smartphones / tablets.

Maxpanda CMMS automatically generates QR codes for printed work orders, guest portals, assets, locations, containers and parts.

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