GPS automotive monitoring methods from Rewire Security


► GPS tracking systems for cars
► Feature of GPS live mobile app
Can also be adapted to motorcycles, cars, vans and trucks

Rewire Security offers a wide range of smart GPS tracking devices coupled with reliable real-time vehicle tracking GPS tracking software and apps. With; Real-time tracking, up to a year of previous route history, fuel level sensors, alerts and instant notifications for events such as; Speeding, heavy acceleration, ignition events and more.

GPSLive vehicle tracking software has become an indispensable tool for fleet managers. It offers real-time tracking, past route history, usage and mileage reports, and driver behavior data, and works on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

GPSLive also offers a mobile app that allows users to locate their cars anywhere in the world in real time with just a few taps on their smartphones. GPSLive software allows you to create geo-zones that can be drawn on the map around specific locations. Geofence zones are virtual barriers that can be used to set up an alarm that goes off every time your vehicle enters or exits the area. You can set up a geofence zone around your home or place of work.

Vehicle theft statistics are increasing rapidly in the UK and Europe and using GPS tracking systems is one of the best ways to secure your vehicle, protect your family and educate teenage drivers on better driving habits.

Vehicle tracking systems can be tailored for motorcycles, cars, vans and trucks. Whether you have 1 vehicle or 1000, GPSLive can become an irreplaceable tool, enabling individuals and fleet managers to make the adjustments needed to improve their fleet operations and profitability. GPSLive also offers individuals the peace of mind that they can locate their vehicle in just a few seconds.

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