GPS Monitoring Enabled for Oxygen Tankers to Enhance Readiness, Says Authorities | Newest India Information

The official said it will help hospitals in states adversely affected by Covid-19 to prepare effectively when oxygen tankers arrive at hospitals and reduce the chance of accidents and waste.

From | Posted by Shankhyaneel Sarkar | Edited by Meenakshi Ray, Hindustan Times, New Delhi

PUBLISHED APRIL 26, 2021 5:51 PM

The government announced on Monday that it would enable real-time tracking for trains and trucks with oxygen tankers to prepare hospitals and reduce the time it takes to deliver oxygen to Covid-19 patients who need it most. An official from the Union’s Ministry of Interior said the Union’s Ministry of Roads and Highways had developed a system to track the status of tankers in real time. “We struggled because we had no idea where the tankers were and we hadn’t prepared when the tankers arrived. We wanted to develop a method that would efficiently distribute oxygen and also avoid accidents. The GPS tracking system will help us to know when the tanker left the factory and how far it is from the destination so that we can prepare for its arrival, ”said additional secretary Piyush Goyal.

He also said the Indian Air Force’s involvement helped provide oxygen to states severely affected by coronavirus disease (Covid-19). “Empty tankers being carried by airplanes have shortened the time span. In the past, empty oxygen tanks were sent to the production sites by trains and trucks that took two to three days, now the journey has been reduced to two to three hours, ”he said. He also emphasized that fully filled oxygen tanks cannot be transported by air, as this is technically not feasible and also risky. He added that road and rail ministries are working around the clock to reduce the time it takes for oxygen to reach hospitals from manufacturing facilities, reiterating that oxygen should be treated like ambulances at this point.

The oxygen crisis in several states and cities in India has resulted in multiple deaths as the nation battles a second wave of Covid-19. At a review meeting, the Prime Minister called on states and Union territories to work together and help each other to obtain oxygen. The Delhi Supreme Court has also asked stakeholders to ensure that oxygen starvation does not lead to more deaths.

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