GPS monitoring of juvenile offenders is stalling in Townsville

The state government’s plans to monitor young offenders released on bail with GPS trackers have failed sensationally because the 4G network in Townsville is not reliable enough.

The news came from Townsville Children’s Court yesterday, where a 16-year-old boy was about to be bailed out as the first child in Townsville using a GPS tracker.

But the court heard yesterday that “there is not enough 4G coverage for the device to work 24/7”.

“That’s the problem with the state government: they are a government of investigation, review and announcement, but they are never about attention to detail,” opposition leader David Crisafulli told Neil Breen.

“The people at the front are starving because they don’t know how to implement something.”

Press PLAY below to hear all of the opposition leader’s scathing comments

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