GPS monitoring of the automobile with 3D Avenue View – New characteristic replace for PAJ GPS

Dorset, United Kingdom, September 18, 2021 – ( – The GPS tracker business is booming in every country. The feature updates and developments are at a rapid pace. The recent news of the car theft and recovery of a Hollywood actor using a GPS tracker has caught people’s attention. He used a BMW X7 and lost his car while making a movie in England, UK.

Other than that, the functionalities of GPS trackers are so incredible and more and more people are drawn to buying one for their dream car. PAJ GPS, the leading German manufacturer of GPS trackers, has introduced 3D Streetview in its application on Android and iOS. In this function, the customer can see the three-dimensional view of the street in which his car GPS tracker is currently located. This feature upgrade is very helpful and refreshing for people who are still using the 2D maps to locate the vehicle with tracker devices.

In addition to notifications about location, speed and vibrations, the company provides an SOS system for immediate alerting of the police or the respective owners of the vehicles. The SOS function immediately informs the affected persons of the location and thus enables a quick reaction in an emergency.

The new 3D Street View feature helps individuals and businesses alike in a much more complete way. It is easy for individuals to identify the current location of the car. When using a cell phone, it is difficult to identify the location using a 2D map. This situation has now been resolved once and for all by PAJ GPS.

For companies, there would be more live tracking. By using 3D maps, the coordinates are much clearer and the itinerary is easier to understand. Also, there will be more than 1 GPS tracker in the field that needs to be monitored, especially in the delivery store. The locations of these trackers overlap here when the map is in 2D mode, provided that the distance between the two trackers is below the recognizable scale of the 2D map. In this case, a 3D map can easily solve this problem and show the exact location of two car GPS trackers in real time.

Although there are enough security features in the car, GPS trackers are believed to be more reliable as it is difficult for criminals to identify the location of the device in the car. Until they find out the location of the tracker device, the police will arrest them. A stand-alone GPS tracker with its power source is an ideal option for vehicle security and location.

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