GPS Tracking for Runner Questionnaires

Aurangabad: Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) will use GPS to track questionnaire runners in real time during exam period. The aim is to maintain the confidentiality of the questionnaire and prevent it from being leaked.

It may be noted that teachers are appointed as “runners” to deliver questionnaires from the main center to exams and to bring back students’ answer books after the exam in each district.

Several cases of leaking questionnaires have been reported in recent years. This caused confusion among students as questionnaires went viral on social media.

The Secretary of State chaired a high-level meeting organized via video conference on February 10 to administer the HSC and SSC exams in a copy-free atmosphere.

Director General of Police, Additional Chief Secretary of the Department of Rural Development, Principal Secretary of School Education, Commissioner of Education, President of the State Council, all the commissioners of departments, district collectors, commissioners of police, superintendents of police, chief executive officers, divisional board chairs, deputy directors of all regions and education officers from all districts were present.

At the meeting it was decided to track the runners via GPS during exam times as they hand out questionnaires and bring back answer books. Board officials said this would help maintain the confidentiality of the questionnaires and avoid confusion among students.


The HSC exam starts next week

The HSC exams are held from February 21st to March 21st, while the students of the SSC appear between March 2nd and 25th for the exams.

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