Greenwich Custody Attorney Paul McConnell publishes an article on 5 things to do when your kids are kidnapped by the DCF

Greenwich Child Custody Lawyer Paul McConnell ( of the McConnell Family Law Group has published an article detailing what parents should do when their children are admitted to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF). In the article, titled “5 Things You Must Do When Your Children Are Kidnapped by the DCF,” McConnell shares practical steps parents can take to reunite their children.

As a Connecticut family attorney, McConnell understands the complexities of the family court system and the challenges parents face when trying to regain custody of their children. In the article, he emphasizes the importance of seeking legal advice as soon as possible. “Before turning to someone else or giving yourself a chance to cry, consult a Connecticut family attorney,” says the Greenwich Child Custody Lawyer. “If you try to manage the process yourself or represent yourself, you’re likely to get bogged down in bureaucracy, endless forms, and unnecessary delays.”

The Greenwich Child Custody Lawyer also advises parents to review their safety plan or service agreement and write down everything they remember about their communications with DCF. He emphasizes the importance of fully understanding the terms of the security plan or service agreement and keeping detailed records of all interactions with DCF. “Write down as many details as you can remember, including dates, times, locations, and specific things that were said,” McConnell advises. “It is especially important to heed any threats or warnings from DCF.”

Additionally, McConnell encourages parents to request that their children be placed with family members whenever possible. “Being separated from parents is a traumatic event for children, and it can be even more devastating when they are placed with people they don’t know,” McConnell says. “Limit the damage by making sure kids are with someone you trust.”

Finally, McConnell advises the parents to initiate the appeals process with the help of their lawyer. “To get your kids back from DCF, you may have to appeal your original decision to take custody,” McConnell says. “This often includes demonstrating that you are living a safe, stable and healthy life at home. You may also need to demonstrate that you have met all of the standards of the security plan or service agreement.”

In the article, McConnell shares a success story of a case in which his firm represented parents whose child was temporarily removed from their home due to misinformation provided to DCF by another family member. On appeal, McConnell was able to present the true facts of the case, which led to DCF dropping the abuse finding and returning the child to his family.

The article serves as a valuable resource for parents who are dealing with the difficult situation of having their children admitted to the DCF. By following the steps outlined by McConnell, parents can take the necessary steps to regain custody of their children.

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