Groom reveals video of his fiancé and brother-in-law’s infidelity throughout his personal marriage ceremony!

A The 2019 video shot in China recently went viral tick tock because it shows a story worthy of a classic passion drama. A jealous groom discovered his fiancee’s infidelity and projected it in a video in front of the whole family during the wedding banquet.

The offended groom did not touch his heart and broadcast a sexual scene of the bride in bed with her lover, who turned out to be the brother-in-law of the offended woman.

At the party, the participants horrified saw the pictures played from a projector positioned so that all participants could see it clearly.

When the bride was discovered, she was outraged and threw her bouquet at the groom while he rebuked her: “You think I don’t know about it?”

Back then, the video became popular, but when it was shared on TikTok, it garnered nearly six million new views and thousands of comments from outraged users under the title “Cheating Bride.”

The text at the top of the video details, “The boyfriend played a video in front of everyone of his wife cheating on him with his pregnant sister-in-law’s husband.”

The couple had a two-year relationship and were engaged six months before their big day, according to Asia One. It also emerged that the bride had “suffered domestic violence” with her then-boyfriend. So she decided to seek comfort from her sister’s husband.

However, over time, things turned into an illicit relationship, and when the groom found out, he carried out this revenge.

The video drew mixed reactions

User reactions were divided. Most sided with the aggrieved friend, saying the friend “got what she deserved” and writing comments such as “best revenge in front of all her family and friends” or “Honestly, I’m that picky and would 1000% do that.”

“The man stood there knowing he was going to wreak havoc,” said a third.

Others, however, wondered why on earth he would take revenge until after the wedding.

“Why did he go through with the marriage?” asked one user, and another went on, “Then why did he waste all that money on the wedding?”

A third group analyzed the extent of the victim’s revenge. Some tried to explain revenge by arguing that they would lose the party deposits, so it was an appropriate measure to end the deception: “Maybe he found out too late and the wedding had to be paid for, no matter if they broke it,” argued one.

“Satisfaction people. Embarrassing her in front of everyone probably paid off for him,” said another.

Eventually, a group called the bride’s reaction “wild,” one told her. Another asked: “And she’s the one who ends up getting angry?”

“It’s not her throwing flowers, her boldness,” said another.

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