Gujarat: “Cop killed his lover to keep away from Rs 25 lakh alimony” | Ahmedabad Information

AHMEDABAD: Police inspector Ajay Desai refused to go to the trouble of raising Rs 25 lakh to divorce his wife and, according to the defendant’s confessions, killed his partner, Sweety Patel.
Desai’s motive was to end Patel’s pressure on him to marry her, investigators announced on Sunday. Confessions from Desai, who used to be with the Karjan Special Task Force, Vadodara District, came about 49 days after Patel “disappeared”. He told investigators that he was unwilling to give in to Patel’s wishes because he wanted to avoid the financial blow.
“Desai was already in a relationship with Patel when he married a woman from his ward in 2017,” an investigator said. “He promised Patel that he would separate from his wife.”
The investigator said that even after Desai married the woman from his ward, he stayed with Patel. “Desai says he was living in a temple with Patel in 2017. But she wanted the marriage to be legalized,” he said. “Desai says he explained to Patel the cost of divorcing his ward’s wife.”
“Initially planned to take her to Atali village for murder”
This deadlock sparked fighting between Desai and Patel, the intensity of which escalated from day to day. “Patel apparently kept telling Desai to either leave or kill one of the two women in his life,” the investigator said. Desai decided to eliminate Patel.
“Desai planned her murder for about four months,” said the investigator. “But on June 4th they had another argument and he chose that moment to kill them.” Desai originally wanted to take her to a hotel in Atali village near Dahej and planned to kill her there. But the argument on the night of June 4th made him so angry that he strangled her. He disposed of the body at the hotel of his friend Kiritsinh Jadeja.
Patel went missing on June 5, an investigation began and eventually the Criminal Police Department and ATS took over the case and arrested Desai.

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