Gujarat husband stabbed to loss of life by spouse and in-laws in Rajkot after accusing them of infidelity

Rajkot, May 18th: In a shocking incident, a 36-year-old man was killed by his wife and father-in-law in Gujarat after he repeatedly suspected his wife of fraud. The man was reportedly stabbed to death by his wife, father-in-law and sister-in-law on Sunday after suspecting his wife of infidelity. The man has argued with her many times, which allegedly led to his murder. According to a report by TOI, the victim identified as Farooq Musani was a resident of the Gandhi Vasahat Society on Morbi Road in Rajkot. The report quoted the police as saying that the defendants confessed to the murder during interrogation. Gujarat Shocker: Married man falls in love with another woman and attacks her with acid after she refuses to stay with him.

The TOI report states that 36-year-old Musani was brutally stabbed to death by his sister-in-law Mumtaz while his wife Ilfiza and father-in-law Haroon Bhadla were holding him. When the man passed out, the trio took him to the Rajkot Civil Hospital, but succumbed to his injuries. When he was taken to the hospital, he was admitted there for a few hours, after which he took his last breath in there. Musani’s sister-in-law and wife were found on his body in the hospital before the police arrested them.

Musani’s father gave details of the incident and filed a complaint against the three defendants. In his complaint, he said that Musani asked his wife a few days ago who she was talking to on the phone and when she said she was talking to her friend he asked her to give him the phone but she refused.

The victim’s father said the incident led to a brawl between the couple and raised suspicions in Musani’s mind that Ilfiza was having an alleged affair. He added that the couple often had violent arguments and family members usually had to step in and keep them from fighting. Musani’s father announced the couple had quarreled again on Sunday and the angry in-laws stabbed him to death.

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