Gunfire breaks out in the course of the switch of custody of youngsters on the police station

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WARREN – One man was injured and another was charged in an exchange of fire during the transfer of parental custody of a young child at a Warren Police Station on September 18.

The shooting took place around 4:40 p.m. after the child’s mother and father met at the Civic Center South train station on Van Dyke Avenue, north of Nine Mile Road. The mother was accompanied by her boyfriend.

“We had three CPL holders. Two of them were armed and there was an exchange of fire, ”said Warren Police Lt. David Kriss.

The child’s father and mother’s friend are said to have fired shots after a verbal exchange in the parking lot.

“The mother turned up with the boyfriend. You had the child. They transferred custody to the father. The father put the child in his van and there was an exchange, ”said Kriss. “The mother and her boyfriend were backing up from the parking lot and were about to leave when the father ran to the car.”

Police said it was shown on video that the child’s father, who was identified by police as Warren Ndjipa, 23, may have tried to pull the boyfriend out of the car. An exchange of fire ensued and the 26-year-old friend was shot in the face.

“The friend was shot in the nose,” said Kriss. “The ball wandered around and got stuck under his ear. He is in a stable condition. He is expected to survive. “

Ndjipa was charged in the 37th District Court on September 20 for assault with intent to murder, 1 point assault with a dangerous weapon and gun crime charges. Judge Michael Chupa placed $ 500,000 cash or bail on bail, and Ndjipa was ordered to wear a leash if released on bail before his next court appearance.

Police said the friend had not been charged and no other injuries were reported.

“Fortunately, the child or other innocent residents were not injured in this incident,” said Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer.

Court-appointed Ndjipa attorney Kenneth Vernier was unavailable for comment at the time of going to press.


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