Harassed for infidelity by a suspicious husband, a girl hangs herself to loss of life

The woman’s husband suspected her of infidelity (representative image). | Photo credit: iStock Images

Key highlights

  • A woman in Ludhiana ended her life by suicide on Sunday
  • The woman allegedly took her own life because her husband harassed her all the time

Chandigarh: A woman in the Punjab village of Gobindgarh reportedly ended her life on Sunday after being constantly harassed by her husband. The woman’s husband allegedly suspected her of infidelity and molested her because of it. The 29-year-old dared to take the drastic step in her rented apartment in Jeet Colony.

The wife leaves behind her husband and two sons. The defendant works in a factory. The incident came to light when neighbors saw the woman hanged and alerted the police.

Wife, her husband fought repeatedly

Inspector Davinder Sharma, SHO, Focal Point Police Station, said: “During the investigation, it emerged that the woman was suspected of infidelity by her husband and that fighting at home was a routine matter.”

On Sunday, the woman is said to have hanged himself from a ceiling fan after her husband went to work. She took the drastic step when her children were sleeping.

Neighbors saw a woman’s body and informed the police

When the 29-year-old woman’s older son woke up, he started crying and managed to run out of the house, the Hindustan Times reported. The neighbors saw the three-year-old boy crying and went to the woman’s house to check on her. They were shocked to see it hanging from the ceiling fan.

The SHO said the woman went to see her parents because of her arguments with her husband. She had returned to her married home about five days ago after family members convinced her to do the same. After the woman died, her mother turned to the police and filed a complaint. Based on the complainant’s allegations, the defendant was held under Section 306 (Incitement to Suicide) of the Indian Criminal Code (IPC).

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