Harte Goenka says ladies discover upkeep “extra engaging”

In early May, the social media world was shaken to the core when news of the split between Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Melinda Gate was published.

The couple, who had been together for nearly 27 years, were viewed as a solid couple who seemed to get through time together.

This news gained a little more prominence as it became popular shortly after Amazon discovered Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Scott about two years ago.

However, it appears that an Indian industrialist learned some very unusual and bizarre lessons from these breakups and decided to post about them on his social media.

This, in turn, didn’t work as well as he’d hoped. The person in question was Harsh Goenka and he was quickly called out for his offensive words.

What did Harsh Goenka do?

On May 17, 2021, Goenka, the chairman of the RPG Group in India, decided to post this tweet.

The tweet reads: “Bill Gates is divorced. Jeff Bezos divorced. Morals: Don’t make so much money that the wife finds divorce maintenance more attractive than the husband. Keep spending money on yourself. “

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It obviously seems to be referring to the fact that these two people are among the richest people in the world and that the women could get quite substantial alimony payments in the event of divorce.

He was immediately called to his words and many people beat him for further encouraging sexist and misogynistic stereotypes.









Twitter user @ Subhash_atia9 responded to Goenka’s tweet by saying, “Both seem to be cheating on their spouses. The women put them through thick and thin. In this case, the billionaires need to learn the basic lessons of life. ”

Another user @ shanaz1369 replied, “Why do you keep coming up with sub-standard jokes? They are absolutely gross and make a bad impression on you and the brand you own.”

There were even some people commenting on how Goenka appeared to have just copied a WhatsApp forward, which only makes it … even more silly.

It seems that when Goenka saw how many people were pissed off, he decided to delete the tweet. However, that doesn’t mean the internet has forgotten about it.

Goenka’s words certainly shed some light on how women still view greedy people just looking for their husbands’ money.

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