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RAJKOT: A man who has been missing for the past four years – to avoid paying alimony to his wife as ordered by a family court in Haryana – has been traced to Bhopal. Bhuj’s crime department arrested Rajesh Varma on Wednesday night and will soon produce him before a court in Gurugram.
Namely, Rajesh, originally from Haryana, lived in Bhuj with his two brothers for several years and they ran a hardware store. Rajesh had married a woman from Haryana. Later, when there was a dispute between the couple, Rajesh’s wife Usha filed a lawsuit against him in a court in Gurugram.
The court ordered Rajesh to pay Usha alimony. But Rajesh didn’t pay it and the outstanding balance, including interest, totaled over Rs 3,000 in 2019. Then he disappeared.
On 2 October 2019, Rajesh’s older brother Sanjay informed Bhuj B Division police station that his younger brother had disappeared after telling them he was traveling to Ahmedabad and that his phone was also switched off. This application was in the police file.
Bhuj Police learned of the alimony case when the Haryana court issued numerous arrest warrants for Rajesh at his Bhuj address. Whenever the police received the warrants, they filed replies that the person was missing from the police.
On 12 September 2022, Usha met Kutch (West) Police Superintendent Saurabh Singh and explained to him that her husband was in hiding internally to avoid paying alimony. Singh ordered the local criminal police to track down Rajesh.
SN Chudasama, inspector at Bhuj Local Criminal Investigation Department, said: “We searched RTO data and found a bicycle in 2013 that was registered in Rajesh’s name. We found this bike in Bhuj and it was owned by a person named Rahim. We searched Rahim’s cell phone and found Rajesh’s number. We traced the location of this number back to Bhopal.”
Chudasama said Rajesh sent Rahim Rs 5,000 each month via Google Pay to his brother who lives in Bhuj for onward payment. Then the police team reached Rajesh’s brother who lived in Bhuj and found that Rajesh’s brother was in contact with him. He was asked to summon Rajesh to a specific location in Kutch. When Rajesh came he was imprisoned.
According to the police, Rajesh worked as a security guard in Bhopal and earned 10,000 rupees a month and sent 5,000 rupees a month to his brother in Bhuj through Rahim. “We haven’t registered any crime against him. We will hand him over to the court in Haryana according to the court order,” said Chudadama. Police said the current total outstanding with interest was about Rs 15,000, according to the court order.

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