Haryana man shoots spouse and mother-in-law on suspicion of infidelity

In a recent message from Haryana’a Faridabad, a 35-year-old man reportedly shot and killed his wife, mother-in-law and another man on Thursday after suspecting his wife of infidelity.

The police have now taken the defendant, identified as Neeraj Chawla, into custody. His friend, Lekhraj, who is a tailor by trade, was also arrested in connection with the crime. The deceased was apparently a friend of Chawla’s brother-in-law.

The unfortunate incident occurred in the Gothda Mohbtabad area. The main defendant in the case is Chawla, who owns a shirt button shop in the NIT. Chawla’s brother-in-law also suffered a gunshot wound in the hip and is said to be in serious condition in a private hospital.

Police claim that Chawla’s wife recently separated from her husband and lived with her son in her mother’s house.

The woman and her family recently rented a house in the village, according to an Indian Express report.

“Four shots were fired. The two defendants were arrested. At first glance, Chawla appears to be suspicious of his wife’s infidelity and has concocted a plot to murder her and her mother. He also had a dispute with his brother-in-law over Rs 10 lakh related the sale of a car. We will also interview the boy. Chawla had called his son and asked him to open the main door, “the report quoted as quoting Inspector Dayananad, SHO, Dhauj.

After the murders, the defendant escaped from the crime scene on a bicycle at 2:51 a.m. It is also alleged that the woman and her mother were stabbed to death with a knife after they were shot down.

The defendants were arrested by a team from the Criminal Investigation Department and the Dhauj Police Department. The police also found a bicycle and two firearms on the man.

The bodies were sent for an autopsy. The defendants were charged under Sections 302 (murder), 307 (attempted murder), 34 (joint intention) and other sections of the Arms Act.

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