Has Lil Child Cheated Once more? Teanna Trump begins a feud with Jayda Cheaves after poking enjoyable on the rapper’s infidelity

It looks like Jayda Cheaves can’t take a break these days. It was tough between rapper Lil Baby and girlfriend Jayda after adult movie star Ms. London claimed the rapper paid her $ 6,000 to sleep with him. Although the rapper denied the allegations against him, the internet found it hard to believe him. Since then, the couple’s relationship has been closely watched by fans online.

Judging from Jayda’s social media activity, it looks like she doesn’t want a piece of her boyfriend’s drama, so she’s got busy making some fun posts. She recently posted a picture of herself in neutral colors with the caption “Send me a nude … ME:” suggesting that when someone asks her to send nudes, she will give them pictures of herself in neutral Sends outfits.

Although Jayda’s tweet was funny and harmless, another adult movie star, Teanna Trump didn’t seem to appreciate the rapper’s girlfriend’s humor. Teanna responded to Jayda’s tweet with, “And that’s why you were betrayed.” Jayda immediately clapped back at Teanna and said, “But you’re sucking a living.” Teanna’s response to Jayda left everyone baffled. The adult entertainer replied, “Yes, your husband loves my mouth.” She followed up on her tweet with claims of having screenshots.

Adult film actresses Vicki Chase and Teanna Trump, adult film producer / director Greg Lansky and adult film actresses Riley Reid, Abigail Mac and Lena The Plug Nersesian at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on January 23, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

By then, Jayda was deeply upset at how random people came for her because of her boyfriend’s indiscretions. She posted a series of tweets criticizing the women for using them and their relationship with their famous rapper boyfriend to get back in the “game”. “Why these bitches come for me first and then hit me with your husband’s check. What’s this what it’s really about? You finished the game. You’re damn petty” All just bad, “wrote Jayda in one of their tweets.

Why these hoes come for me first then hit me with that ur man’s check. What is this really about? You screwed up the game. You guys are damn insignificant, all of you are just bad

– WAYDA👅 (@waydamin) December 18, 2020

In another she said, “Whether that is not true or not, because who knows these days that it is lame. You will forget that I am the victim here? Because you clearly do.” “H ** hasn’t been on a blog in years. Beef with Jayda, you’re back in the game now. Thanks later, b * tch,” Jayda added.

Jayda felt sorry for the Internet after watching her and Teanna talk to each other. One fan commented, “Jayda, you have to give me your password so I can eat these things up for you. Let me deal with you having to hit them where it hurts.” Another fan shared, “Jayda, just be Tryna, leave her husband cheated in peace and you’re here terrorizing her every day.” “I really don’t like the way people keep coming to #Jayda because she literally stays on her own track and takes care of YOUR business. It’s disgusting to see B * tches constantly trying to knock someone down who is unproblematic What does that mean for YOU? “, explained one fan.” Honestly, it’s not even funny. Lil Baby needs his ** beat. Teanna Trump needs her ** beat, “wrote one fan.

Jayda, you have to give me your password so I can eat these hoes for you. Let me handle the fact that you have to hit her where it hurts

– niggasbebrokeokayyy (@khilanii) December 18, 2020

Jayda, just be Tryna, let her man cheat in peace and you are here terrorizing her every day

– Ryanne (@ryanneashleigh) December 18, 2020

I really don’t like how people keep coming to #Jayda because she literally stays on her own track and takes care of YOUR business. It’s disgusting to see bitches keep trying to knock down someone who is unproblematic. What does that mean for you? pic.twitter.com/6CfUqi0ae6

– 🦋💞🌱Bee🌱💞🦋 (@queenbelaina) December 18, 2020

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