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Today Grupo Firme is one of the most important bands in the industry because they not only made it into the Billboard charts, but also carried their music beyond the Mexican borders.

In addition, they have ventured some collaborations with stars outside the Mexican region, such as Maluma, a song announced by the Colombian and the Grupo Firme.

The band’s leader, Eduin Caz, is only 27 years old and has handled the themes and popularity of his successful group very well, having even tripled his popularity on social networks.

Despite the fact that he is constantly cleaning up his Instagram profile, on which he keeps very few pictures of his career and part of his family.

The singer has been in a relationship with his children’s mother, Daisy Anahy, for a little over 12 years when they met while studying and decided to get married by 2015.

Their love cemented with the arrival of their two children and, despite their fame, the couple managed not to compromise their marriage as she accompanies him on every of his tours.

Her fairy tale could hang by a thread, however, because a woman came out through TikTok to say that the singer looked for her every time he traveled to Tijuana.

It was late November last year when evidence began to circulate suggesting that the leader of the famous group was unfaithful to his wife, Daisy Anahy.

The young woman is identified as Lizethe García with the username @soybienmamonaokkk, who posted a publication relating to the singer and also shared the evidence for the news.

Despite the scandal caused by the young woman’s revelations, the singer decided to show his face and make sure the allegations are completely false.

“Do you also think that I have a family and that sometimes people are affected; If you want an ad, tell me and I’ll share it hot, but don’t do that to me because the kids are bad for me, ”he said.

But now a video that is circulating in the networks could confirm the infidelity of the Grupo Firme singer, although she had denied this a few weeks ago.

Proof of Eduin Caz’s infidelity

It was again on TikTok that a woman identified as Stephanie Hernández shared a video explaining that not only was she having an affair with Caz, but she also had a son he never wanted to acknowledge.

After pressure from fans of the singer to show the evidence, the Tiktoker shared a video in which Eduin allegedly appears asleep in a bed with her.

Opinions on the video were divided when some internet users started attacking the singer for asserting that it was not fair of him to do this to his wife.

However, many fans assure that it could be a man very similar to the singer; The young woman posted on her Instagram account that their romance happened in 2019 and she had no idea that Eduin is a married person.

In addition, the young woman confirmed that she had received a message from the interpreter’s wife interrogating her about the alleged infidelity, so that Daisy Anahy decided to end her marriage.

However, this latest version has never been confirmed by the couple as they continue to share pictures on their respective social networks.

The one who decided to talk about it is the singer because through his Insta Stories he announced that he will upload a video explaining what happened because he assures that the memes and the mitote that are loaded are good.

The singer assures that it is pure gossip. Photo: IG / eduincaz

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