HC orders SIB policeman to pay 30,000 rupees alimony to ex-wife

  • Ahmedabad mirror
  • 21-08-2021 06:00 am

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He had married three different women – first in 2002, then in 2013; had not divorced the second woman before the third marriage in 2014

The Gujarat Supreme Court ordered an officer from the Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau (SIB) to pay alimony of Rs 30,000 a month after denying claims that she was not his legally married wife. The court ruled based on the evidence, including photos and videos, of the usual wedding rituals that took place in a temple in 2014. The court also noted the behavior of the officer who married a third time without divorce to the woman he had previously married.
Suresh (name changed) had challenged an order of a family court in the city asking him to pay alimony of Rs 40,000 to his estranged wife, Savita (name changed), with whom it was his third marriage. The man had married three different women three times – first in 2002, then in 2013, which lasted only six months, and a third time in 2014.
According to the case details, Savita and Suresh came into contact through a marital website. In June 2014, they had a usual wedding in a city temple. He had not divorced his second wife before marrying her.
Savita separated from him when she was subjected to physical and mental torture. She filed a maintenance claim with the family court, which ruled in her favor and asked Suresh to pay.
The man indicted the decision of the family court before the HC and pleaded that the marriage with Savita did not take place at all. He claimed that he was still married to the second wife and did not live with Savita.
The HC put its claim aside by relying on the photos and videos of his wedding to Savita, where he was seen tying a “Mangal Sutra” about Savita, and the event was hosted by relatives in a hall in town visited. The HC said: “Everything was organized like a wedding ceremony and was recorded on video.”
The court also found that Suresh uploaded his divorced profile on a marriage website, but when he entered into his marriage to Savita, the second marriage was still not annulled. When the divorce petition was pending before the court, he and his second wife issued a deed to dissolve the marriage, which is not a legal act. The court found that he was earning Rs1 lakh a month.

HC rejects Dishman cos’ IT audit challenge

The Gujarat Supreme Court denied two applications from Dishman Group companies challenging a special audit reprimand by the Income Tax Department on April 22nd.
During the search, IT found undisclosed earnings of Rs 3,959 crore from the companies and knew the exact transactions that required a special audit by the special auditor under Section 142 (2A) of the Income Tax Act. The searches were carried out on December 19, 2019 in the various commercial and residential buildings of the Dishman Group. The two companies Dishman Infrastructure and Dishman Carbogean AMCIS were involved in the development of a SEZ near Bagodara.
They added: “Before making a reference under Section 142 (2A), the assessing officer must go through the accounts, estimate the entries made in them and, if in doubt, obtain a statement from the Assesee.”

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