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Custody cases are not only heartbreaking for children, but also painful for the noncustodial parent. In a recent case reported from Mumbai, the premises of the Bombay High Court witnessed some dramatic scenes in which the biological father brought his minor son home after he had been awarded custody by the High Court.

This is a matter where the mother of the minor child had passed away some years ago and the child has remained in the care of his maternal grandparents ever since. The petitioner in the case is the biological father against the family of the deceased mother.

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The (now deceased) mother of the 10-year-old was for many years a professor at some of the oldest colleges in South Mumbai. In 2016she was diagnosed with tuberculosis after a long illness and breast cancer the following year, after which the child’s mother died 2019.

But soon after the mother’s death, the maternal grandparents of the boy (who was 6 years old in 2019) appealed to the family court about his custody.

The family court ruled in favor of the grandparents. However further February 1, 2022The Bombay High Court overturned the family court’s ruling and ordered the father to have custody of the child.

The maternal grandmother also died May 2022. Afterward, on 09/16/2022the Supreme Court awarded the father custody of the child subject to the grandmother’s death.

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As the late wife’s family refused to comply with the Supreme Court’s order, the biological father appealed again to the High Court for contempt of court.

On December 13, 2022 the bank to avoid “any complications and creation of scenes or riots”, instructed the chief police inspector to take custody of the child on the grandparents’ property. However, the attempt was again unsuccessful as the child refused to go with the officer, who then informed the Supreme Court.

Later Monday, the maternal family agreed to hand over custody of the child to the father but the child refused to walk again.

On Tuesday, the court proposed the surrender in court “to avoid quarrels or scenes created by either party.” However, the court was told that the child tried to attack the father and ran away from his care. The family’s lawyer denied the allegation of physical harm.

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Bombay High Court

A division bench of Justices AS Gadkari and PD Naik observed that the Hostilities between the warring factions over custody of the child may have contributed to the father’s estrangement from the child.

Everyone on the courthouse witnessed the child screaming and physically attacking his father as he tried to take him home. While the bank refused to view the video footage, the Bombay High Court ordered the maternal grandfather to hand over custody of the child to the father later at the police station.

Regarding the contempt motion against the child’s mother’s side, the High Court observed:


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WATCH VIDEO: Heartbreaking pictures at Bombay HC as teenage son refuses to go with birth father amid custody battle

▪️After the death of the biological mother in 2019, the family court had handed custody of the minor child to his maternal grandparents #ParentalAlienation
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This was another similar story covered by Voice For Men India in 2020 where the mother had passed away and the father had a court battle with her family for custody of the teenage daughter.

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