Help Tracy pay for authorized charges for custody

Hi All, Due to this sensitive matter, I am only reaching out to those we care about on behalf of my daughter Tracy and custody of my two beautiful granddaughters. Tracy is currently struggling and has fought hard for custody of her 2 beautiful girls, my sweet granddaughters. Her birth father recently got 50% custody of the girls. She is now fighting for at least 70% custody, her daughters are only 4 and 6 years old. Let me just say that their bio dad didn’t think of the interest of these 2 little ones, the girls shared things of great importance with Tracy and I while under his care. We even think 30% custody is too much for him, but the court system here in California doesn’t see it that way. In a normal custody battle, my daughter would think the 30% custody ratio is fair, but that’s not a normal custody battle. Please help Tracy by donating anything you can as the funds will go directly towards attorney fees and the $5500 advance fee. Every little helps as she has already spent over $20,000 to date and due to inflation now is the time to ask for help, anything you can afford will help and would be greatly appreciated you can too Zell an tracy @ [phone redacted]please please keep Tracy, her girls and our family in your prayers, thank you

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