High battle custody battle

Hello, my name is Dan and I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. The last two years of my life have been hell on earth and extremely difficult. I’m in the middle of a terrible custody battle with my ex-fiancé. The legal fees and court costs alone have become incredibly difficult for me to pay. All I want to do is for me and my family to have a chance to meet my daughter, but the opposing attorney is filing application after application, prolonging the process with no end in sight. I’ve already used up all my savings to pay for attorneys’ fees and court costs. What makes things even more difficult is that they live in Chicago and the cost of living is much higher than in Ohio. I lose hope and go broke. I make more money than I put in every month. My legal fees alone add up to over $5000 a month, along with childcare and child support at an additional $1500 a month. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m unable to pay my own bills and sell personal items to try and afford this disaster. My father has stage 5 kidney disease and my biggest fear is that he will never have the opportunity to meet my daughter who will be 2 next January. I’m a proud guy and wouldn’t normally ask for help, but I’m grasping at straws and have used up all my financial resources. I pray every night asking for help to end this mess but to no avail. I just want this nightmare to end and I can come to a sane parenting agreement. However, my X and her attorney are using my child as collateral. My daughter deserves to have her father in her life and I will not stop until justice is done. Please help me put an end to this terrible situation.

Thank you very much

Dan Holden

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