High three Finest GPS Monitoring Techniques and Software program for Fleet Administration in 2021

The development of GPS technology has made fleet management much easier. It has become an indispensable tool for managing the business Automotive business. This allows you to keep track of your assets including vehicles, drivers, and more. Regardless of the size of your fleet, the tracking software can save you time and money.

What is fleet management software and what is it used for?

When managing or operating a fleet, managers monitor their asset information. It enables organizations or companies to cut costs and become more productive. A real-time tracking system ensures the safety of vehicles and drivers.

If you choose professional tracking software, it will have control over commercial vehicles. It also manages fuel consumption and costs, maintenance and route planning. Efficient software addresses similar common challenges related to your assets.

In addition, the telematics provides critical data for status reports, driver behavior, maintenance and monitoring. Use of this system will keep you abreast of state and federal laws and regulations. You can also set up alert notifications to troubleshoot potential problems.

A GPS tracker offers more than you can expect. It is proving to be a fruitful investment for businesses in the long run.

There are several options in the market when choosing a provider. Each system differs in its features, price and bonus functions. It is best to choose a tracking system that suits your business needs. In addition, it should also strengthen your workforce.

The Three Best GPS Fleet Tracking Software for Your Business in 2021:


Overall, Akveo is one of the best fleet management solutions. The team consists of experienced developers and marketing professionals. It offers its customers top services by improving and providing analytical data.

With Akveo, managers can get a detailed and deep insight into operational activities. You can check the location of a vehicle in real time and control hidden costs. You can also check the status of the maintenance costs.

To increase efficiency, Akveo offers detailed reports that turn data into practical insights. These reports help managers identify and investigate areas for improvement. You can seamlessly integrate this tracker with monitoring software. Then dispatchers can control their vehicles in real time.

If the driver gives in to unsafe driving habits, the device sends a notification. You can customize and set up notifications that allow you to receive messages by email or SMS.

Top features from Akveo

  • Estimate the maintenance costs and plan the vehicle analysis vehicle
  • Plan your driver’s workload and routes
  • Get all your fleet management data in one place
  • Track vehicles efficiently in real time.
  • Set up and customize notifications or notifications
  • Easily calculate financial statistics and analyze your business turnover.


Samsara is an all-in-one tracker and ideal for small businesses. It has a wide range of accessories and tracking hardware.

The live tracker shows your vehicles no matter where you are. It also generates reports that are used to dispatch last minute drivers and optimize routes.

Samsara is integrated with smart dashcams, automatic alerts and driver safety assessments.

You can also automate preventative maintenance, identify wasted fuel, and reduce downtime. It also sends engine diagnostics with code warnings when a malfunction occurs. The dashcams collect HD videos and automatically upload them to the cloud. When vehicles are transporting goods, they can also track the temperature of refrigerated products.

Through Samsara, you can create custom forms that make processing orders easier.

Characteristics of samsara

  • GPS tracker with real-time visibility
  • Order the complete package or opt for individual services.
  • Is approved by FMCSA approved ELD with offline storage
  • Analyze vehicle costs and offer future-proof tools to reduce emissions
  • Offers comprehensive security functions and ELD support

GPS trackit

GPS Trackit offers the best value for money for its variety of services. It offers dual dash cams, asset trackers, hard-wired plug-and-play devices, and more. It is one of the most requested software for those who are new to using a GPS tracking system.

This system is perfect for companies that want to save costs. It doesn’t require long-term contracts and it also has a money-back guarantee.

In addition to vehicle monitoring, it offers temperature tests for loads. The software uses Google Maps and geofencing to monitor vehicle lanes. It also tracks past travel histories. You can concentrate on a specific vehicle or several at the same time. The tracking system provides detailed information about car usage and driver behavior.

In the event of theft, the software’s asset monitoring informs you about the location of your assets.

Top features of GPS Trackit

  • Offers multiple reports
  • Monitors different zones of a truck
  • No minimum wealth requirements
  • It has a monthly pricing plan that you can cancel at any time.
  • Free access to unlimited live training and professional support

The future of fleet management

When looking for a solution, you may find that a tracker is a little over budget. You may not buy the software even though you need a robust solution.

Regardless of the price, a GPS tracking system is a must-have investment in the long run. It helps you to efficiently adapt and adapt your assets and to offer solutions. Implementing this software is vital as it will become an integral part of your business.

It also helps manage your fleet efficiently and smoothly. Before choosing, make sure it meets all of your business needs. In addition, it must also be able to solve the problems that you want to improve.

Our best recommendation remains the Akveo GPS tracking system. It has a wide range of services, attentive experts and offers long-term fleet management.

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