Hodgson Law’s Spokane Family Law Attorney Talks Divorce and Custody


Released May 1, 2023

The Hodgson law firm was recently featured on The Attorney Post podcast when founder Mark Hodgson popped up to talk about his family law practice in Spokane, WA. On the podcast, Hodgson discussed the trials and tribulations of practicing family law in the Pacific Northwest and shared what he believes makes him and his firm a dedicated and experienced law firm with a reputation for providing quality legal services for clients Spokane, WA. As the founder of Hodgson Law Offices, he has focused his practice solely on family law matters, including divorce, child custody, child support and other related areas.

Recently, during his appearance on The Attorney Post podcast, Hodgson discussed his experiences in divorce and family law cases and offered advice and insight to listeners in Spokane, WA who may be facing family law disputes and legal challenges in this area. During the interview, he emphasized the importance of understanding one’s legal rights and options, and provided valuable guidance on a variety of family law issues, including divorce, child custody and child support. Hodgson also stressed how important it is to surround himself with a staff that is as good, if not better, than he is.

With over 18 years of experience, the Hodgson Law Firm has built a solid reputation for quality negotiation and advocacy with a number of Spokane families. Speaking on the podcast, Hodgson said his firm “takes an individual approach to each case, always seeking the best interests of the child when it comes to child custody matters, taking the time to understand clients’ individual needs and goals, and working tirelessly to do what is best.” achieve possible result.”

During the podcast, Hodgson explained that his firm’s commitment to its clients is evident in the way each case is handled. During the interview, he stressed that he “takes the time to listen to clients’ concerns, answer their questions and provide open advice on their legal options.” He explained that he tries to clarify the legal process involved in their case and helps his clients navigate the complex legal system throughout Spokane County with confidence and clarity.

The firm’s practice areas include child custody, child support, preparing parenting plans, parental relocation, grandparent rights, third party custody, changes to existing parenting plans, paternity, adoption, consensual divorce, military divorce, spousal support, division of assets, and domestic violence cases. His law firm also provides services related to complex divisions of property, community property, common law marriages, civil partnership dissolutions and the enforcement of court orders.

Hodgson Law Office is a Spokane, WA specialist family law firm that has earned a reputation for providing clients in Spokane, Washington with compassionate, responsive and effective legal representation. Hodgson himself attributes his success to having a family law team that is better than him – which he credits to the ultimate success of his firm. “Whether someone is facing a difficult divorce, custody battle, or other family law matter, Spokane County residents need to know they can count on this legal team to provide the guidance and support they need to make the best possible living.” achieve legal results. The podcast can be heard at: https://pod.co/attorneypost/mark-hodgson-experienced-family-law-attorney-providing-personalized-vigorous-advocacy-in-spokane

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