Home Consultant Requests Passing of Adultery Act – Philippine Canadian Inquirer

MANILA – A House leader on Friday urged the immediate passage of the Adultery Act, which provides the same punishment for sexual infidelity whether the act is committed by the male or female spouse.

House Deputy Speaker Eddie Villanueva made the call when he welcomed the initiative of the Philippine National Police (PNP) leadership to whip police officers involved in extramarital affairs.

PNP chief General Guillermo Eleazar’s initiative to protect the interests of Filipino families by sanctioning adultery is a policy in the right direction, Villanueva said, noting that the law against adultery would complement the PNP’s efforts.

“I would like to commend PNP chief Guillermo Eleazar for denouncing marital infidelity among our national police,” said Villanueva. “Not only will it restore the respect and moral superiority of our police officers, but it will also save our law enforcement officers from a lifestyle that induces and compels them to commit corrupt acts.”

He noted that the charge of marital infidelity would dissuade the police from committing an act that is “detestable to God”.

Eleazar has warned cops with loved ones that extramarital affairs are a violation of their code of ethics and said he would not hesitate to sanction them if the allegations prove true.

Meanwhile, Domeng Rivera, who is on the CIBAC party list, said that marital infidelity is a serious problem in our society that creates more complex social problems.

“The lack of family virtue and value that the lax anti-infidelity provisions present in the revised Criminal Code is actually a root cause of the more serious social problems that plague the Filipino community today – from broken families to government corruption . We should act now to resolve this issue, ”said Rivera.

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