Home Terrorism Risk Monitor – Account Verification (DTTM-AR): Colorado Neo-Nazi Father in Custody Battle Fight Submit Artwork, Nazi-themed Clothes, States: “I’m a terrorist, sure I’m”; “I used to dream of being an SS officer in class whereas different kids ate up the indoctrination of the Jews.”

The Cyber ​​& Jihad Lab monitors, tracks, translates, researches and analyzes cyber jihad from the Middle East, Iran, South Asia and North and West Africa. It innovates and experiments with possible solutions to stop cyber jihad, advance laws and initiatives at the federal level – including with Capitol Hill and attorneys general – and at the state level to design and enforce measures that will serve as precedents for further action. It works with business, law enforcement, academia, and victims of terrorism families to develop and support efforts and solutions to combat cyber jihad and recruits, and works with technology industry executives to develop and develop efforts and solutions support.

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