Honey Singh, who divorced spouse Shalini Talwar after 11 years of marriage, is paying THIS whopping quantity in alimony

Image Credit: INSTAGRAM/NEWSLEAKCENTRE__ Honey Singh and ex-wife Shalini Talwar married in 2011

Honey Singh and his wife Shalini Talwar have reached an out-of-court settlement in the domestic violence case filed against the former last year. Shalini had claimed she had been subjected to numerous incidents of physical, verbal, mental and emotional abuse at the hands of her husband and his family. The case was filed last year and the court gave them time to reconsider their decision to split. However, this did not happen and the case was closed when the Saket District Court accepted their petition for divorce. According to the reports, Honey has agreed to pay Shalini Rs 1 crore in alimony as part of their settlement deal.

Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar divorced

Punjabi singer Yo Yo Honey Singh and his wife Shalini Talwar are now legally separated. In Delhi’s Saket District Court, Honey presented this ex-wife with a check for Rs 1 crore in alimony in a sealed envelope. They have now gone their separate ways. After Shalini accused Honey of domestic violence and spousal cheating, they appeared in court several times for hearings. Their statements were recorded and a series of allegations and counter-allegations followed. Now they will progress in their lives as individuals.

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Divorce from Honey Singh: The allegations against the singer

In a court case, Shalini Talwar, 38, claimed Honey Singh had beaten her many times in recent years and that she lived in constant fear as he and his family threatened her with physical harm. “As a result of the psychological harassment and cruelty that was inflicted on her over a period of time, she also suffered from symptoms of depression and sought medical help,” she explained in the attorney-filed pleading.

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In the plea, Shalini detailed how she had been physically assaulted by Honey over the past 10 years. She revealed how Honey and his family broke her so mentally and emotionally that she almost began identifying as “a farm animal that was herded from here to there while being treated cruelly.”

Divorce from Honey Singh: cheating allegations

Shalini Talwar also made allegations of cheating against her husband, saying that he frequently had casual sex with several women, did not wear his wedding ring and mercilessly beat her for posting their wedding pictures online. She asked the court to issue orders against him under the 2005 Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. Shalini asked the court to order her husband to seek Rs 10 crore as interim compensation for domestic violence against her.

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