Houston space legal professional sued for violating authorized ethics in consumer custody case

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A lawyer suspended until 2023 faces a new legal disciplinary action alleging he failed a judge in a client’s custody case to sign orders, missed the trial and abandoned the matter.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday against Robert Aaron Markle, an individual practitioner at The Woodlands who began representing a father in his custody case in June 2018, the petition on the Legal Discipline Commission against Markle said.

After a temporary hearing in November 2018, a court granted the client custody of his children. But Markle didn’t draft or submit the temporary instructions for the judge to sign, the petition says. Because of the mistake, the client found it difficult to enroll his children in school, and his child support payments were repeatedly deducted from his paycheck even though the judge had ended child child support payments.

Next, Markle failed to appear at the October 2019 trial and left the client, according to the alleged petition. The client had to hire another lawyer.

In the course of the proxy, Markle was suspended from exercising the right, but he did not notify the client of the suspension, according to the alleged petition.

Markle graduated from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University in 2013. In 2015 he was licensed to practice in Texas.

His State Bar of Texas profile shows he has four penalties as of September 2019 and that his statutory license is actively suspended until August 2023. The four sanctions concerned the same misconduct in four client cases. The disciplinary judgments stated that Markle neglected the matter, failed to see through his obligations to customers, failed to adequately inform them of their cases or respond to their requests for information, and that he owed the customers money.

Markle didn’t answer a call asking for comment. Neither did Claire Reynolds, spokesperson for the Bar Association’s law office that represents the Legal Discipline Commission.

Read the new lawsuit:

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