How 90 Day Fiancé Yve plans to cope with Mohamed’s infidelity

90 Day Fiancé’s Yve Arellano sees red in their dissolving relationship but she won’t let Mohamed Abdelhamed take advantage of anyone else.

Yve Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed of 90 Day Fiancé

90 day fiance Faced with a messy breakup, newcomer Yve Arellano aims to expose Mohamed Abdelhamed’s lies and fraudulent behavior. Yve and Mohamed started talking after he slipped into their DMs. Despite his strict Muslim religion and discomfort with women wearing revealing clothing, he wasn’t afraid to strike up a conversation with the single mother of one child after seeing her in a bikini picture. At first the relationship went well. Yve flew to Egypt to meet the man who gently swept her off her feet, which quickly led to an engagement.


However, upon his arrival in America, Mohamed showed a much more controlling side than Yve expected. From complaining about her clothing choices to announcing his dislike for other men in the household, Yve has had to overcome her own share of culture shock. But it wasn’t until after the tell-all that the pair took a turn for the worse. Yve found messages from Mohamed, the 90-day fiance, who was talking to another woman. Although the couple said they wanted to work things out, the relationship quickly escalated and Yve was arrested for alleged domestic abuse. Nonetheless, Yve maintains her position as “right” and will do whatever it takes to rectify the situation.

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Amid the messy breakup, more evidence has come into play. Between audio recordings and social media posts, it’s clear the two have broken up. Mohamed’s plan included a U visa, which would be granted to people who have been physically or mentally abused and allow them to stay in the US if they help with the investigation. However, Yve from 90 Day Fiancé continues to deny the abuse allegations and claims that Mohamed committed immigration fraud. As a result, Yve has taken action to ensure Mohamed leaves the country.

yvette and mohamed side by side in 90 day fiance picture

After realizing his true intentions, Yve has hired an immigration attorney and together with her representative they are working to bring Mohamed and his actions before the US government to light. Though they admitted it could be years before UCSIS becomes aware of the scam, there is a possibility of deportation. It’s also possible that Mohamed is blacklisted from never re-entering the US, meaning he would likely be denied if he ever tried to apply for a K-1 visa.

Unfortunately, viewers are unaware of the afflictions of a green card hunter. 90 Day Fiancé Danielle Jbali faced a similar fate with her ex Mohamed Jbali. She also tried to take the same action as Yve and have her ex deported, although there was not enough evidence to support her claims. It seems that Yve is in a much better situation and with the help of their lawyer and representative they want to do whatever they can to stop Mohamed from repeating his actions. In the end, it’s sad to see a couple depart in less than a year of marriage, but viewers wish the best for this tumult 90 day fiance Few.

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