How a lot baby help does Kim Kardashian get from Kanye West?

How much child support does Kim Kardashian get from Kanye West?

Kanye West is close to divorcing Kim Kardashian, although speculation has been rife as to how much it may cost the billionaire rapper in a divorce.

Per PageSix, the Donda rapper filed a “disclosure statement,” which is typically filed when a divorce is steps away from settlement.

In addition, the scanning of the documents also revealed that the Yeezy founder shared all of his financial information with the reality star.

To make his case strong, Ye also hired an A-list attorney, Robert Stephan Cohen, who is known for representing billionaires in divorce cases.

The former couple have reportedly agreed to split up their multi-billion dollar empire, but Kanye West’s recent fresh attacks on Kim Kardashian could put a spanner in the works.

It is not yet known how much child support the billionaire rapper will give to his children’s mother.

Kardashian is also “very upset” by West’s behavior and the 41-year-old knows “everyone can see for themselves now” what the “catalyst for the divorce” was.

Our insider close to the Kardashians added, “I thought it best to end the marriage when she realized she could no longer help someone who didn’t want to be helped.”

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