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At a time when we are all connected to our smartphones and devices, take advantage of the connectivity options with yours Vehicle fleet? By knowing the exact position and status of your fleet at all times, you can optimize your resources. This translates mainly into a Cost reduction and improve delivery times.

Thanks to GPS tracking You can react quickly to emergencies or unexpected situations from customers as well as your own vehicles and drivers across your entire fleet. But having everything monitored has many advantages that go beyond the logistics area.

For example, you can improve your hourly estimates Collection and delivery to your customers. No need to call and distract the driver to let you know where they are or if they need to take a break before they get to their destination. With this connectivity and monitoring, you’ll know firsthand. It’s also easy to confirm or confirm deliveries Calculate the time you spend with each customerto better prepare your budget.

While all movements are being recorded, you can Compare trips and identify which routes are faster or cheaper based on working hours. This is vital for any business as it optimizes resources a lot more on each trip.

GPS fleet control

GPS fleet control

In case of electric vehicles, you can worry and see what tours each of them can take with full guarantee. And this solution enables you to do that Degree of autonomy and immediate charging status of every vehicle as well as charging points nearby. Another interesting feature is to know the charging time of each electric vehicle, which allows us to know the real cost.

You can continue with the benefits and options too Check mileage quickly and easily via app. It determines whether the trip was for business or pleasure, the purpose of the trip and the calculation of the tax return.

Another important detail is that with these tools it is easier to see whether we should buy one or more vehicles for our fleet or, on the contrary, whether we could adapt the way of working and forego a unit with knowledge of profitability. Besides, it helps us Check maintenance times and repairs that each of the vehicles has required.

The best thing is this fleet control for professionals adapts to all types of businessesThey either use cars, vans, or trucks. It is also useful for both long journeys and urban routes.

Don’t forget that tracking your vehicle is very helpful in the event of theft.

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