How DNA uncovered the infidelity of my ex-wife, Baby Justice Ezonfade Okorodas

How DNA exposed the infidelity of my ex-wife, Child Justice Ezonfade Okorodas

I have decided to reach out to the press to discuss certain traumatic developments that have occurred between myself and my ex-wife Barrister Celia Juliet Ototo of the Ototo family in Ovom, Yenagoa region, Bayelsa state. It has now been almost 11 years since we separated and divorced. This press release is important in order to prevent harmful speculation, half-truths and outright lies from those who wish to capitalize on the tragedy that has befallen my home.

At some point during the coronavirus lockdowns early last year, I received information from an anonymous source that the last of the three children from my previous marriage was in fact not my birth child.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions at the time, I had to wait until August 2020 to do a DNA test. The DNA test result released in September 2020 confirmed that I was not the birth father of the child.

As a result, I called a joint meeting between my extended family on the one hand and Celia’s paternal and maternal families (i.e. the Ototo family from Ovom Town and the Agbagidi family from Yenagoa Town) on the other, where I confronted them with the family allegations of paternity fraud . Although she initially insisted strongly that I was the biological father, she has since admitted to having the child with another man during our marriage.

This repulsive act by my ex-wife prompted me to conduct DNA tests on the other two children. The results came out a few days ago. Unfortunately none of them is my birth child.

This atrocity caused me, my current wife, Barrister (wife) Ebi Okorodas and all the innocent children involved an excruciating emotional trauma. This is especially true for Ebi, who had to consent to DNA testing on the four children of our own marriage. Fortunately, the test results confirm that each of them is my birth child.

It’s important to note that Celia left the marriage when her youngest child (who is now 17) was just 6 years old. Since then, all of her children have lived with my wife Ebi and me, and we are fully responsible for their well-being and education. Friends close to my family would readily confirm that no one can say that the children are not my current wife’s biological children unless they are specifically informed.

Ebi and I would continue to support the children in any way we can. Even after the first DNA test result was published, which proved that I was not the biological father of the last child, we continued to pay for his education at a private boarding school. The other two children are university students. The first, a woman, will graduate later this year, and the second will soon be entering his fourth year of college. We pray that they will overcome the trauma and become responsible citizens of our country.

For Celia and her boyfriend or friends, we leave them to their conscience. Many Thanks.

Hon. Justice Anthony Ezonfade Okorodas, PhD. Judge
Delta State Supreme Court

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