How Jana Kramer found Mike Caussins’ alleged infidelity

“Let’s just say it was bad enough that I didn’t have a choice.”

Jana Kramer continues to shed light on her separation from Mike Caussin.

In an interview with EXTRA host Billy Bush on Monday, the actress revealed how she discovered that her husband was allegedly unfaithful in their marriage – which in turn led to their divorce.


Jana Kramer goes topless as she reveals breast implant results after breaking up with Mike Caussin

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When Bush asked if she found out through DMs and “cell phone stuff,” Kramer claimed, “That and more … Let’s just say it was bad enough that I had no choice.”

Kramer filed for divorce from Caussin last month after nearly six years of marriage. The former couple, who share daughter Jolie, 5, and son Jace, 2, have been open about Caussin’s repeated infidelity in the past. In the E! Kramer cited received divorce papers “inappropriate marital behavior, irreconcilable differences and adultery” as the reason for the divorce. He has not yet commented on the breakup.

While speaking with Extra, the county singer offered an update on how she’s doing. “I kind of agree now,” she said when Bush asked Kramer if she was still in her “anger phase”.

“I got really angry – it’s not what I wanted,” added Kramer.

“I came here, I kind of feel silly about the last time I was here [‘EXTRA’] It was with him and about how we fought for my marriage and that I was angry because that was a lie on his part, “she continued.” Now I think, “Okay, it sucks and it’s unfair and it’s not what I dreamed of for my family, for my kids, now I have to figure out how to accept it. Go on, be the best mother I can be for my kids, shift work and find out. ‘”

“Do you feel like you’ve talked yourself into something over the past few years?” Asked Bush. “Did you want to believe something that he couldn’t do justice to?”

“In retrospect, I think, ‘Okay, that kind of makes sense,'” Kramer replied. “I wanted so badly to believe this version that he portrayed it. It’s just this ultimate betrayal, when you realize that it wasn’t what it was and that it’s difficult to live with.”

Friday Night Lights star added that it “helps keep you going,” “knowing that she” has done it all [she] could. “

“That’s why I didn’t leave when I found out about everything five years ago,” said Kramer. “I wanted to look my kids in the eyes and say that I’ve done everything I can to fight for the marriage. It just gets to a point where I have to fight for myself. I have to fight for my children. I have to for my fight. ” Luck.”

“Of course I was the only one fighting,” she added.


Jana Kramer fears that she will annoy Mike Caussin forever for separating our family.

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Although Kramer has been pretty open about the breakup, Caussin hasn’t said anything publicly. However, Kramer said she believed he was “at peace”.

“He knew when this one happened, he knew I was gone,” she claimed. “He made his bed. I wish he had thought of the family and all the work we did. I hope he gets the help he wants and needs.”

The “90210” actress said her friends helped her after the breakup and revealed that she couldn’t get up at first.

“In the first week when it all happened, I had my girlfriends,” recalled Kramer. “I just couldn’t get out of bed. They became this crazy village. They packed up his things, they rearranged my closet to make it look nice, they brought me food and helped me with the kids.”

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Kramer went on to tell how her children deal with the separation.

“Jolie knows and she tells everyone what breaks my heart,” she explained. “She says, ‘Dad and mom have different houses.’ It just hurts my heart because I didn’t want to either. She’s great. “

“Jayce, the first month … you always had both of us, we’re both essentially home parents so I think that was really hard for him,” Kramer continued. “I think now that we have a good parenting schedule, they’re fine. They’ll be fine.”

This comes just days after Kramer – see above – took to Instagram to reveal the results of her breast augmentation surgery, which she performed before filing for divorce from Caussin.

“Two weeks before I figured it all out, I got a boob job,” Kramer remembered Bush. “Again, I didn’t plan for that to happen … Now that I’m healed, I’m like, ‘I’ve got a divorce notice, okay?'”


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