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Divorce can be a daunting topic and a difficult situation. When many are thinking of divorce, alimony is an important point that usually comes to mind. Some may fear that they will have to pay a large amount of child support each month, while others fear that they will not receive their fair share of child support. Another assumption that many can make about alimony is that when it comes to alimony, alimony must be decided by the court; However, this is not the case. An agreement can be reached through mediation without the need for judicial intervention.

Before we explain how mediation can have a positive impact on alimony, let us discuss the difference between determining alimony in court and determining alimony through mediation. If the court takes the course of the court, it can only grant alimony if it deems it necessary, since alimony is a secondary remedy in the context of a fair distribution of property. This is a complicated determination that depends on 17 factors specifically set out in the Pennsylvania Divorce Code. Learn more about these factors: Taking the mediation route allows you and your spouse to work together towards a solution with control in your hands without relying on a judge to make those decisions for you.

Here are some ways mediation can have a positive impact on maintenance:

• Gain flexibility and control
Mediation gives both parties involved in the divorce the flexibility and control to work together to resolve this issue. With mediation, each party is immensely involved in negotiating their own maintenance agreement. Furthermore, no settlement can be imposed on you. You can make the decision to accept or decline negotiations and negotiate on your own.

• Focus on the future
Maintenance discussions can easily focus on what happened in the past, which can sometimes lead to resentment and anger. This may especially be the case if you are taking your divorce to court. On the flip side, a well-designed mediation environment can lead to a more harmonious solution with an eye to the future, most importantly so that you can make sure that your future plans keep you focused on success.

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• Save costs
In many cases, divorce mediation allows a couple to save time and money rather than having to go to court in the judicial system. With a livelihood in mind and with a focus on your future, saving money can be beneficial for you and your ex-spouse.

• Protect yourself
It is important to know that the mediation process is private and the suggestions and details discussed in the mediation cannot later be used for or against you in divorce proceedings in court if the mediation process does not resolve your situation and discussions about alimony.

Mediation seems to be a difficult path to follow if you are unfamiliar with divorce and the many factors involved in divorce, such as alimony. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the process on your own. They will have your experienced divorce lawyer by your side all the time to guide you through the whole process with the aim of achieving the outcome that is most desirable for you.

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