How will Lucia react after Manuel’s double infidelity in Gala 3? – Newest information, breaking information, prime headlines

The third gala of ‘The Isle of Temptations 3’ was loaded with more alarms, and the party in the boy’s villa had plenty to tell. But let’s go point by point. In this program we got to see the girls campfire where everyone discovered what their partners did without them.

The truth is that the boys behaved pretty well and didn’t cross borders except for one stupidity others have. However, as Alejandra Castelló analyzes, it was the girls who overestimated the attitudes of their friends like Marina, who felt that what Jesus does is worse than what she does to Isaac. After that bonfire, the parties started arriving which will soon bring a lot of queues.

The arrival of Rubén and Fiama as tempter was particularly noticeable in the case of the second. In a seemingly quiet party, the boys’ game with the seductresses sounded the alarm several times, aroused their fears and shortened the role. But the worst has come with Manu, especially when you know that Lucía won’t even let them touch her. The one from Puerto Real was unfaithful to his girlfriend with Fiama and Stefany, so there is a very interesting next program. Will Manuel regret what he did? How will Lucia react?

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