Hsu is suing Wang in court docket for not paying little one help

Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu is taking her ex-husband Wang Xiao Fei to court for failing to pay spousal support under their divorce settlement, Sin Chew Daily reported.

The 46-year-old actress successfully petitioned the Taipei District Court for the seizure of Wang’s Taiwanese assets, which include his shares in the popular S Hotel.

She claimed he failed to pay a cumulative amount of more than TW$5 million (RM733,645) since March 2022.

According to Mirror Media, the court ruled that some of Wang’s assets in Taiwan could be confiscated based on the clear evidence presented.

It is speculated that Wang stopped making the monthly payment in retaliation after Hsu remarried to former Korean boyfriend DJ Koo Jun-yup that same month.

After the news broke, Wang released a statement on social media, explaining that he continued to pay child support for her children and alimony to Hsu.

However, he was unwilling to pay for additional family expenses and utility bills after Hsu remarried.

“Now that they’re married, I shouldn’t be paying the utility bills on their house!

“Plus, I pay the chauffeur and helpers and haven’t missed a penny on the children’s tuition and living expenses!” he wrote.

It was previously reported that Wang, 41, and Hsu divorced in November 2021 after 10 years of marriage.

Many believed the marriage fell through due to Wang’s affair with influencer and actress Zhang Yingying, 26, as the two were spotted in the same bars and photographed wearing matching jewelry even when Wang was still married.

Although Wang initially denied the affair, he was later seen posting a photo of him holding Zhang’s hand while vacationing in China’s Guizhou province on social media, but deleted it shortly after.

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