Human stays present in Berkshire believed to have been lacking as highschool instructor since March


Meghan Marohn, 42, was from Delmar, New York.

Meghan Marohn. — Massachusetts State Police

Human remains were found in the Berkshires Thursday night and police believe they are 42-year-old Meghan Marohn, a New York high school teacher who was reported missing in late March.

A civilian discovered partial remains “in a densely wooded area near Fox Drive in Lee,” Massachusetts State Police said. Local and state police then responded to the scene.

“Police have since found additional remains believed to be the same missing person,” state police said. “Investigators are still actively searching the area and the evidence gathered to date indicates with a high probability that the remains are those of Ms. Marohn.”

Marohn was an English teacher at Shaker High School in Latham and lived in Delmar, both communities outside of Albany, New York. She was reported missing on March 27, and Lee Police found her vehicle unattended in Longcope Park, South Lee that day. Since then, numerous searches have been carried out by a number of authorities.

In July, a friend of Marohn’s wrote that she took time off from teaching and traveled to the Berkshires to escape a man who had been harassing and intimidating her because she wouldn’t sleep with him. The authorities have neither confirmed nor commented on these allegations.

Local police in Lee and Bethlehem, New York, as well as state police attached to the Berkshire County Attorney’s Office, are still investigating, police said Friday.

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