Husband accuses high TV presenter of infidelity

A well-known sports TV presenter is accused by her estranged husband of engaging in an adulterous affair that ended in the breakup of their marriage.

The presenter and her husband, who cannot be named for legal reasons, split earlier this year after four years of marriage.

After their split, which sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, the presenter later filed for divorce in the Johannesburg High Court.

She threatened to obtain a court order against her husband if he contested her application.

She also stated in the papers that they broke up because they “didn’t love each other anymore.”

The presenter went on to say they signed a settlement agreement, split amicably and she would not go through with him over the division of their joint assets.

The presenter’s husband later filed the papers in court, confirming her version of the reasons for their union’s failure.

He also stated that he would not contest her application for a divorce decree.

But in a shocking move this week, the husband changed his details in the court filings, explaining that their marriage ended because the former Metro FM host was involved in an extramarital affair. He did not name the man who betrayed him.

“The marital relationship between the parties is irretrievably broken and has reached such a state of disintegration that there is no reasonable prospect of a normal marital relationship being restored between them, as the parties are no longer compatible, the parties have not granted each other marital rights for an extended period of time. The Complainant has lost all love and affection for the Defendant and the Defendant engaged in an extramarital affair which the Complainant believes is incompatible with a normal relationship. Therefore, the plaintiff is demanding a divorce decree,” the papers say.

The husband asked the court to issue an order allowing them to settle the maintenance of their only child.

Attempts to solicit comments from the former lovebirds were unsuccessful as they ignored our calls and texts we sent them.

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Mbalenhle Zuma

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