Husband Becomes Lawyer To Help Mom Earn Alimony, Gain Respect

A lawyer who earlier this year successfully secured support for his mother from her ex-husband, 30 years after their divorce in 1992. (Photo by agreement)

WARANGAL: In a show of immense perseverance and determination, a Warangal resident who was bought out by his single mother and endured multiple hardships studied to become a lawyer and earlier this year successfully managed to get alimony for his mother from her ex-husband, 30 years since their divorce in 1992.

While the court set alimony at 30,000 rupees a month, lawyer Sharath Babu managed to secure 20 lakh compensation for his mother through a domestic violence claim filed with the court. Babu said he became a lawyer so his mother could regain her respect in society.

Babu’s mother Sulochana from Sannur village in Raiparthy Mandal and Pamu Somaiah from Warangal town married in 1971 and had two children, Babu and his siblings Raja Ravikiran. However, due to family quarrels, quarrels often arose between the couple and the divorce.

Since then, Sulochana and her two sons lived in their parents’ house in Sannur.

Sulochana, an illiterate woman, had previously approached the court about alimony and received an affirmative decision in 1997 after going from pillar to post for five years. But she neglected to complete other formalities, which is why Somaiah did not pay his ex-wife alimony or funds to care for their children.

Babu, the elder of the two siblings, said he was aware of his parents’ divorce and the resulting financial problems. When he was a middle school student, his attempt to get a court decision through failed. However, this only strengthened his decision to become a lawyer.

Due to his family’s financial hardships, Babu worked for a private company as the family breadwinner and also managed to save money to pursue his dream.

In 2014, Sharath secured admission to a five-year law degree and graduated as a lawyer in 2019. He started his practice and after two years took over his mother’s case as his first independent. He obtained the court’s 1992 verdict and filed a case that he won that year.

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