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Ahmedabad: A few days ago, a case became known in the city in which a woman of advanced age filed for divorce. Now another controversial case has surfaced. In which an 85-year-old man left his wife and fled to America (USA). The age of the wife is 80 years. According to the information, various courts including the Gujarat High Court have sentenced the old man to pay alimony to his wife seven times, but the old man has not paid a single rupee alimony to his wife. Now the news is that instead of paying alimony to his wife, the old man escaped to America. Husband has not paid wife 18 crores in alimony for the last 23 years.

Order to pay one and a half lakh per month

The 80-year-old is said to be living in the Brahmakumari rehabilitation center. Their economic situation has become very miserable. The court at the time ordered the victim’s husband to pay one and a half lakh rupees a month. However, the husband has not paid a single rupee to date. There is also information that the old man fled to America without divorce from the woman and got married there.

Left his wife 25 years ago

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The details of this case are that the man, now 85, left his wife about 25 years ago by torturing her mentally and physically. The wife then filed a lawsuit. After the trial was completed, the family court ordered alimony payments to be made to the seniors. However, despite the court order, the husband did not pay the alimony. The case later went to the High Court. The High Court also ordered a lakh a month and a half to be paid in maintenance. However, the old man disobeyed the High Court’s order and fled to America.

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It was reported that the old man married another woman in America. The old man who appeared before the Supreme Court at the time had also told the court that he would not pay a single rupee in child support. It was reported that without her husband’s help, the old woman’s condition had deteriorated. He is currently living in a center of Brahmakumari.

Order to track down the husband

During the hearing on the matter, former Chief Justice of the Gujarat High Court Judge Vikramanath ordered the Home Office to trace the American-based husband. Further hearings on this matter will take place in the coming days. The Ministry of the Interior has also assured the court that it will track down the husband of the woman who fled to the USA.

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First published: August 03, 2022, 09:25 AM IST

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