Husband, ex-wife shoot one another for custody – newspaper

ISLAMABAD: A man and his ex-wife shot and injured each other here on Monday because of a custody dispute, the police said.

Zeeshan Ali, 35, a painter by profession, came to his ex-wife Azram Bibi’s home in Ghouri City and requested custody of the child, but she denied, they said, adding that they both exchanged harsh words.

During the heated argument, the women drew a pistol she was carrying and pointed it at him, they said, adding that when he saw the gun in her hand, he tried to flee.

But the woman opened fire on him and he suffered a gunshot wound in the back, it said.

After sustaining a gunshot wound, he also drew his pistol and shot the woman, informing police, adding that the woman sustained injuries to her legs.

When they heard the gunshots, people rushed to the house and found them injured. They grabbed the guns and informed the police.

The police later took the injured to a hospital, where they received medical treatment and their condition was stable.

The police confiscated two pistols at the scene of the crime, which were considered illegal because the injured did not present their driver’s licenses.

The couple had been separated about six years ago.

Preliminary investigations suggested there was an argument between them over custody of the child and they would argue about it, they said.

Just two days before the Eidul Azha, the woman brought five-year-old Abdullah to her home.

The police are confused about who to complain about the case.

Police prosecutors have also been asked for guidance and comments, but have not yet given a response, they added.

It is likely that the case will be registered on the woman’s report, the police said.

Posted in Dawn, July 27, 2021

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